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    Spay incision.

    I'd ask the vet about it, but until they can see her or reply, you might want to just do a small dab of e.g. Polysporin cream/gel on the area, and if she licks it, it shouldn't harm her.
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 8th of May.

    Hi Rubysmama, do you mind my asking where in Canada you are? I was a member here years ago, but saw a post recently that I wanted to answer, so rejoined. I'm orig. Mtl, lived/worked Toronto x 20 yrs, moved around 2000 to NS with (now) ex and I'm all alone here now in NB (didn't want to stay in...
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    Should I help this 15 year-old cat?

    Oh gosh, you tried. Sometimes that's all you can do... and you never know, someone else may well show up.
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    Should I help this 15 year-old cat?

    Oh wow, can't wait to see what happens next! Please let us know, and your asking for an older pic is inspired :).
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    Should I help this 15 year-old cat?

    OMG, that was not my intention, only my worry (from so far away) about the cat. I'm sure you'll find some answers and be able to manage, and after all, it's not (yet) yours. I just don't get people though who don't take care of their animals - and I'm not rational about money. Let us know what...
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    Is my cat's neuter incision infected? (warning: gross picture)

    It looks OK if things haven't changed, and licking is normal, but maybe you need to ask the vet for a better fitted collar or something.
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    Should I help this 15 year-old cat?

    I meant anywhere separate from the other cats of course.
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    Should I help this 15 year-old cat?

    Is there a local shelter, SPCA, etc. who could look at it for free? Looks can be deceiving tho' and she may not (yet anyhow) be that badly off, maybe just in need of the right food and a brush). Is there anywhere in your place you could keep it for the day or two you'd need to go to a vet?
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    Should I help this 15 year-old cat?

    If I knew of a cat that needed help I would just take it and not fuss about this and that. Take the cat, go to some vet and get a diagnosis. If you can't afford that then step away, but otherwise just give it a home where it's wanted.
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    Losing my mind :)

    Thank you for understanding. I think I'm spoiled cuz he's been SO good for so long that I expect miracles. But we'll work it out... I just don't want him to get fat (or me :).
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    Losing my mind :)

    Thank you, I get your reasoning, but I think, considering what he gets prior to that (b-fast, eggs, 10 o'c snack) I might actually instead just cave and at 11-ish give him something to hold him til lunch... I don't know why I've been stubborn after all... shouldn't stand on 'principle' just...
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    Losing my mind :)

    Ok, got your last... so as you can see above the big 'problem' is that even unlike other time changes in the day that we've both now been able to work out, his wanting lunch at 11 vs his otherwise 12-12:30 time makes me bonkers because he does get 10 am snacks and then the noonish lunch... but...
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    Losing my mind :)

    I was not finished but the thing 'sent' by mistake... I was saying that "What I drink" (tried to delete the 'that' but it Sent instead... Anyway he then has lunch at noon - 2 good tsps of Whiskas 6 oz can + 3 more Tempts. Sleeps til ? 3-ish, gets bits (tbsp) of people chicken, or other suitable...
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    Losing my mind :)

    Hi, thanks for replying... do want to emphasize tho' that he's still less than 2 yrs older (just 14 in Mar) and is otherwise very happy and healthy - never any trouble and never any bathroom issues (really!). Also gets lots of attn as I'm 'it' here, with few visitors. ANYhow, his diet has been...
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    Losing my mind :)

    Hi - 1 1/2 yrs ago I was away x 2 wks and friends fed my then 12 yr male blk (and only) cat - which was terrific, except... something I had not thought about when we talked beforehand was what spec. times they'd come in, just a.m, late afternoon and bedtime (or something like that - with snax)...
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    Maddeningly 'off' schedule

    Hi, I had to be away x 2 wks in early Aug. so neighbour fed my 12 yr old Bombay--type baby... only on her schedule, whatever it was. I expected a little bit of trouble coming home, and did have to be strict about meals, snax, etc, and he's generally been very good 'coming back'. However, there...
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    Black Cats Only

    Pic won't post...
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    Is my cat unique?

    Hi - we all hear about dogs who can e.g. sniff out cancer in people, and a few years ago a story about nursing home cats 'knowing' people would die overnight was disproven, but my cat has shown definite 'knowledge' of there being something wrong (physically) with people and I wonder if he's...
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    Cat proofing a recliner/rocker

    Most cats don't like citrus smells, but if you can stand some, rub a lemon or orange all around the bottom of the chair (and maybe leave one under it if it won't get squished) and see if it helps, though you probably need to keep it up over time... I think you can buy the spray type in pet stores.
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    Just a story about paying attention to your cat, because you never know...

    You're so lucky!  I know a lot of cats who would have just 'gone' somewhere else!