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    More Finnegan..

  2. tink80

    applied revolution after giving kitten a bath

    when i first brought Finnegan home, he was filthy so i gave him a bath and got as many fleas off him as i could in the tub. then i waited until he was completely dry (a few hours) and applied kitten revolution. the next day we went to not our normal vet as i wanted him checked up ASAP to make...
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    New additon to the family..

    Introducing Finnegan....
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    Kitten doesn't know what a litter box is

    Yesterday we just got our fourth kitty. A little 8 week old farm kitten. I guess I've been spoiled before with how quickly my past kittens took to the litter box because this boy just isn't getting it. I tried setting him in there, I scratched/moved the litter around. He had an accident and I...
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    I have a silly

    This is my 4 year old, Solomon :)
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    Hestia limping now

    I noticed the past few days Hestia not enthusiastic to coming downstairs to take her medicine and treats at night. I've been fetching her and carrying her downstairs for her bedtime routine instead. Thought it odd but got more concerened as I noticed last night that she had a slight limp on her...
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    Impromptu Photo Session

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    Hyperthyroid cat won't stop vomiting

    My 15 year old, Hestia, has had hyperthyroid for several years now that we were treating with Methimazole tablets. Recently she's been vomiting quite often and we added 1/4 tab Pepcid AC twice a day to the regimen. Still vomiting so we switched to the transdermal ear gel of the medication and...
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    My sweet little ferret girl, full of giggles, passed away yesterday. She'd had a mast cell tumor pop up several weeks ago. We were advised by the vet to keep an eye on it and we'd remove it if it grew and/or irritated her. This last week it grew alot and she was very irritated and chewed it to...
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    I'm getting married!!

    My boyfriend proposed to me last night and I said YES!!! A small, modest ceremony planned for this June :)
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    Love of my life passed away...

    On Tuesday morning, my OH passed away from a fatal complication of a disease that had finally done enough damage to take his life. We were not married for personal reasons but in our hearts we were bound to each other. His family and my family all just accepted we were married in heart. I have...
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    A few newish photos

    mini coma cat food delivery day he gets to sleep in, why can't i?? posing pretty
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    Just a few recent..

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    How did you acquire your feline(s)?

    Thought this would be fun. You can explain as much/little as you want and just stick to your current cat(s) or go back further in history if you like. Me first.. Kuan Yin: Found in an oil pitt at my OH's work. She was four weeks old and survived a six foot drop and was apparently seperated...
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    A few of my crew

    Solomon, you are a weird cat Hestia in the coveted linen closet Kuan Yin being pretty in the sun She spotted me.. Solomon holds a family meeting So tired More tired he won't..stop..growing!!! Kuan Yin being...smug? he does this while i wash dishes me and my little boy (sorry...
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    Need a kitten fix?

    Watch this video (not my kitten, lol)
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    Photo Update

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    Cute Kitty Spotting

    We went shopping today for some recycled home appliances/such. It's a huge local outlet where they have everything you could think of if you're working on a home project (rows of doors, windows, furniture, cables..anything you might need). This place is like a huge warehouse with several...
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    Rare sighting

    We got Kuan Yin when she was 4 weeks old and of course when she was a wee kitten she used to be attached to me like velcro. But once she was a few months old she was off like lightning, independent and confident. She's turning 4 soon and since that baby stage I can count how many times she's...