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  1. oreocookie

    Neurological damage?

    OK, so the kittens are five weeks old now and doing great :)  I have been able to sex them (three male, 1 female).  The kittens are running, jumping, climbing and being simply adorable nut jobs, LOL!  I have noticed something of concern though with the female kitten, she has these full body (not...
  2. oreocookie


    I am so, so, so, so stupid :(  I did not realize the kittens could get into the litter pan (it is big), but today  I went into the room to spend time with them and found one in the litter box EATING the litter!!!!!!!  I had clumping clay litter (Arm-N-Hammer) and this baby had it all over his...
  3. oreocookie

    When to start feeding kittens food?

    Hi,      The kittens are getting so big and very fast, LOL!  They are walking ALL OVER my room and even venturing into the living room when allowed.  The babies are three weeks old (as of past Friday) and I was wondering at what age do I start introducing wet kitten food?  Grey is doing great...
  4. oreocookie


    OK, I am concerned that Oreo may be developing ringworm, but am not 100%.  I have had Oreo since May and she had recently been given a clean bill of health.  I took notice about two weeks ago of a spot on her front leg (under and around her body/leg) that was a little swollen and pinker than...
  5. oreocookie

    Photos of Grey and her babies

    Grey and her babies are doing great!! They are opening their eyes now ans starting to paw each other and chew on one another; just soooooo cute!!!!!
  6. oreocookie

    Vet refused treatment of Grey for retained pacenta/kitten :(

    As many of you know, Grey gave birth two days ago (Friday) to four live and one dead kitten.  She was doing great until today when I noticed she did not eat her wet food like normal.  My son called me over around 4:30 when he found one of the babies had blood on it's head!!!!!  I thought the...
  7. oreocookie

    Grey is giving birth right now!!!!!

    I woke up just now to find Grey had had two kittens JUST NOW!!!  One is VERY deformed (died and st oped growing weeks ago!!!).  The other is live and looks great (to soon to tell what it looks like as she has just eaten placenta and is licking it.  Another is just starting to come out (I can see...
  8. oreocookie

    Staying in heat

    Hi everyone,      I am having a problem with Oreo that is driving me up the wall as well as causing her GREAT stress!!!!!!  Oreo gave birth on 5/12/12 to still born kittens following an almost fatal uterine infection.  While she has recovered great from the infection as well as having put on 6...
  9. oreocookie

    No idea what I am doing?

    OK, so I will go ahead and say sorry now for having to ask so many trivial things, but this is the first pregnant cat I have ever had as an adult (was 8 when we had one).  I just got Grey a little over a week ago (almost two) so I have NO idea what her "normal" behavior is, nor do I know what...
  10. oreocookie

    Ear mites in pregnant mom

    OK, so Grey has been able to be treated for fleas with Advantage II, but I really think she may have ear mites!  She has VERY dark "crap" in her ear (more one than the other) and is scratching it often (even made it bleed a little on the outside by cutting herself).  The ear mite medication I...
  11. oreocookie

    New photos of Aidan with Oreo

    I posted this in the pet pic section, but meant to do it here! I just wanted to post some new photos of Oreo, she has come a very long way from the cat we first got! Oreo has now come to be be an active, loving and well adjusted kitty who LOVES to cuddle!! Aidan and she have developed a great...
  12. oreocookie

    Our new kitty

    We have found Oreo a friend!  She is an approximately 2-3 year old Grey tabby cat who is about half way through a pregnancy? (big, but no movement yet).  The owner said they had her, her mom and her mothers mom (I guess they do not know about spaying cats??????)  They said this poor cat has had...
  13. oreocookie


    Hi everyone,      I am needing some advice regarding worms in a cat.  I got Oreo about 5 weeks ago now and even though the vet treated her for fleas and worms I just saw one in her bottom!!!!!  I took her to the vet just yesterday for vaccines and a re-check to confirm she is now OK to spay and...
  14. oreocookie

    Cat is still itching

    Hi,      When I took in Oreo she had some fleas, but not many.  I have done two flea treatments (Sentry Fiproguard .017fl oz) and no longer see any fleas or flea dirt (one a month)!  The concern I have is that she is still itching, mostly her head, but do see some body scratching.  When I...
  15. oreocookie

    Hi everyone

    Hi,      My name is Shiloh and I became a member due to finding a pregnant cat who had been abandoned.  Oreo (my little one named her) ended up giving birth to three stillborn kittens due to a uterine infection and being in very poor body condition.  She is doing AMAZING now and is just a ball...
  16. oreocookie

    Chameleon Trippy

    I not only rescued Oreo the cat this past month, but took in a Jackson Chameleon a few months back who was left at a local shelter with no ability to care for him.  Our family just keeps growing, LOL!! 
  17. oreocookie

    Should I bring in another stray???????

    Hi everyone,      I need to ask for some serious advise from you that have been rescuing cats for a while now!  As many of you know I rescued Oreo about a month ago now and have been through a lot with her, however she is now doing great and putting on tons of weight!  I have no concerns for...
  18. oreocookie

    Sad news!

    I took Oreo in for the second vet opinion after not feeling as if she had been properly checked over from the one the day before.  The second vet ended up doing an x-ray to determine pregnancy as she said it was hard to tell what the "swelling" was caused from.  The x-ray showed a pretty bad...
  19. oreocookie


    Hi, I am new to this forum and very much in need of advice!! I found a female cat abandoned in a metal cage (in the full sun) Saturday night. The pet shop where she was left reported that she had been left in this cage for several days before I came along! “Oreo” (my son named her) is skeletal...