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  1. Babypaws

    Care Of Spayed Cat

    im not sure if I’m posting this question in the correct location but I need some ideas/suggestions for caring for a cat after being spayed. I have an appointment to have a cat spayed in a few weeks and was told she would be sent home wearing one the collars. My concern is how much it will freak...
  2. Babypaws

    Aggressive Cat After Being Neutered

    I have 7 rescue cats that have been inside. They were all getting along until last week. Four had been spayed/neutered. I had to separate one female because she was in heat and hadn’t been spayed yet. There were also 2 males left to be neutered. They were fixed this past Saturday but 2-3 days...
  3. Babypaws

    Diet For Cat With Kidney Disease

    I have a 13 year old cat that was recently diagnosed with mild kidney disease. The vet recommended putting her on a special diet which I would have to purchase from them. The cost was outrageous and I’m wondering if the special food purchased from a vet and the same food purchased from the...
  4. Babypaws

    Kittens Eating, Getting Diarrhea

    A stray/feral cat I rescued in our back yard had her second litter 5 weeks ago on our enclosed porch. I started feeding the kittens some kitten food a few days ago and have noticed they will even go to mommy’s dish and start eating her wet/dry food. There are six kittens and I’ve noticed most of...
  5. Babypaws

    Pregnant Cat Being Aggressive To First Litter Of Kittens

    I have a pregnant cat that is due anytime. She was a part feral cat born in our yard last summer and got pregnant. I was able to get her to trust me slowly but she got pregnant and had her three kittens in April. I wasn’t able to reach the kittens (born under shed) until they were about 5 weeks...
  6. Babypaws

    Resident Cat Behavior

    I’m not sure where I should post this but here goes. I have resident cats, one is 13 years old, (Muffin) the other is 9 years old. (Blacky) They have never gotten along so my poor 13 year old mainly stays in my bedroom. I had a third cat (14years old) who recently passed away (in February). She...
  7. Babypaws

    Help Training Mischievous Kittens

    i have three kittens who are 9 weeks old. Help! Until I can slowly introduce them to my older resident cats I am only allowing them in part of the house. I also have the mother cat. They are at the age where they are starting to grab onto my sheer curtains and jumping on top of bureaus etc...
  8. Babypaws

    How To Tell Kittens Apart

    i have three kittens who are identical, they are all gray with no markings. Two are girls and one boy. I want to start calling them by name but I don’t know if I’m using the wrong name for them. I don’t want to put collars on them since I had a bad experience with a collar I tried on one of my...
  9. Babypaws

    How Soon Is Cat Protected After Getting Rabies Shot?

    once a cat receives her first rabies shot how soon is she protected if she goes outside and if she should come in contact with a wild animal?
  10. Babypaws

    Feral Wants To Go Outside Again

    i have a feral cat that was born in our yard last summer and I was lucky enough to tame her. She trusted me enough to come inside the house for a short time and then wanted to go out. Unfortunately she got pregnant but I was able to bring the kittens and mother cat on our enclosed porch about a...