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  1. RejoiceErb

    Runt Of Litter Help!

    My cat has a litter of five kittens and the runt isn’t doing to well. She’s a lot smaller than her litter mates and she doesn’t have much of an appetite either. She had giardia a few weeks ago and it’s all cleared up now. But while she had giardia, she lost a bit of weight. She has a URI right...
  2. RejoiceErb

    Can’s Feel Kittens Kicking

    Hi! I’m a beginner Ragdoll breeder and I have a pregnant cat. She mated February 8th so she’s about 7 weeks now. From all the research I’ve done, I’ve read that you should be able to feel the kittens moving/kicking at this time. But I can’t. She has a big belly and big pink nipples so I’m pretty...
  3. RejoiceErb

    Pinking Up?

    Hi! I’m a beginner Ragdoll breeder. I love my cats so much! In the first week of February, one of my girls Krissy, went into heat. So it’s been a little less than 5 week now and her nipples are very pink. Btw, Krissy is almost 2 yrs old and this is her first litter.
  4. RejoiceErb

    What Color Is My Ragdoll?

    Hi! I have a litter of Ragdoll kittens and because this is my first litter, I am having trouble determining what color they are. I would really appreciate any help! Thank you! I’ll post pics of each kitten.
  5. RejoiceErb

    Runt Of The Litter!

    Hi! I have a litter of seven (they will be eight on Sunday) week old kittens. There are six of them. One of the kittens is very small compared to his litter mates. He weighes between 15-16 oz while the other kittens are in the high twenties; one of the kittens (my biggest) weights 32 oz. He...
  6. RejoiceErb

    Re-homing Kittens Across State Borders.

    Hi everyone! I have recently had a beautiful litter of Ragdoll kittens! I listed them for sale and I have had several people contact me about them. However, two of them don’t live in my state. When it is time to pick up the kittens, they are planning to drive to my state so I will not be using...
  7. RejoiceErb

    Ragdoll Kittens’ Coloring?

    Hi everyone! I have a litter of Ragdoll kittens and because I am a beginner breeder, I am having trouble telling what colors/patterns they are. So I was wondering if anyone could help? Thank you!! I will post pictures of each of them.
  8. RejoiceErb

    Toilet Training Cat

    Hi everyone! So I purchased a CitiKitty cat toilet training kit to hopefully train my one year old girl to use the toilet. I started off by placing her new training seat on the floor by the toilet. Once she had been using the seat on the floor for about a week, I moved it up onto the toilet...
  9. RejoiceErb

    Safe Guard For Cats?

    So I’ve heard the people use Safe Guard to de-worm cats. I have heard to several people who have successfully used Safe Guard that is an intended wormer for goats, on their cats. I’ve also found, that this is supposedly safe for pregnant and nursing cats. Is this safe? And if so what is the...
  10. RejoiceErb

    Any Ideas When My Cat Will Give Birth?

    Hi guys! I have a ragdoll queen (she has all of her papers and is purebred) that is pregnant. I am not exactly sure when she got pregnant. I got her from a breeder in July and I assume that she was accidentally bred before I got her; because I didn’t breed her and she isn’t allowed around other...
  11. RejoiceErb

    How Do I Start A New Thread?

    OK, I know this is weird and unrelated, but how do I start a new thread? Lol sorry I just have no idea.. thanks!
  12. RejoiceErb

    Cat Hair Loss

    Hi! My 2 year old Ragdoll has very thin hair on her neck. Not much hair there at all... I was wondering what I should do to promote hair growth? Thank you! :)
  13. RejoiceErb

    My Cat Had A Spontaneous Abortion!

    Hello! This is my first thread on TCS! I have a Ragdoll cat, about 1 year old and she was about 5 weeks pregnant. Just yesterday, I found 2 little pink kittens in her bed. They weren’t fully developed..:( this was her first litter. So I was wondering, is it possible that she is still pregnant...