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    Frequent vomiting food

    I have a cat that occasionally will eat too fast and regurgitate it.  So is he regurgitating or is he throwing up?   I know it may seem like a silly question but after experiencing throwing up with a sick cat I can tell you there is a difference.  Does your cat come back for more food a few...
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    Cardboard biting

    When you play are you standing up and towering over them holding down the toy?  Sometimes it is good if you sit on the floor with them to play.  If they like chasing the mouse that they throw in the air, why not sit down on the floor and you toss the mouse a little bit away and see if they chase...
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    Metronidazole and HORRIBLE anxiety (or something like that)

    Thanks for the posts.  My cat was just on this drug with no side effects and it seemed to do the trick with his issues.  I am sorry you had this happen and I will be careful if or when this drug is ever prescribed for my cats in the future.  The vet said it was prescribed for upset tummy and...
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    cat vomiting still-- but now only clear liquid/bile?

    Thanks for your post. I did actually see this explanation in another post and figured that was the reason Stan threw up bile that morning because he had kept down the small meals he had the day before. The vet said to keep the meals small at first to see how he was managing. I probably...
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    cat vomiting still-- but now only clear liquid/bile?

    Thanks for your concern and for reading my post.  I had to take a break from this  site as the response I got scared me to death and made me crazy with worry.  Stan seems to be fine although reading your post, I fear I will again be overly concerned with each nuance in his behavior and every...
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    Comment by '2catlady' in article 'Beware The Dreaded Cat Carrier'

    My cats love to get into cardboard boxes-- so I have ditched the cat carrier and buy the cardboard carriers at the pet store to transport the cat.  It's easier to get the cat into the box to get to the vet, I am not sure the cat is any more comfortable or relaxed on the drive and certainly still...
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    My cat bites

    Are you spending enough time with him playing with him?  I would think his coming up and biting you or trying to bite your neck are his attempts to get your attention.  He probably wants to play.  When you are playing with him and he bites you-- I had a cat that would do this-- and I would tap...
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    Cat avoiding us/crazy meowing

    Is he neutered?  When he comes out at night, where are your other cats? Do you keep him shut up in the room all day or is he free to go wherever and chooses to stay in the room?  Why can't you get near him?  Is he or was he feral?  If he was friendly towards his previous owner, I am confused as...
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    Cat meowing and attention seeking 24/7. Please help. has great deals on Felliway diffuser refills.  I have just one going downstairs in my house and it seems to help my very finicky/stressed out cat.  He wants me to constantly be his cushion.  He wants to be on my lap if I am sitting or lying on me if I am sleeping.  I am not sure how...
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    not sure if i should worry :(

    Don't ever feel stupid because you love your pet so much. :)   And remember whenever dealing with vets or anyone else that you know your cat best.  Sometimes it is good to get advice from others and sometimes they can panic you.  Always trust your gut because no one knows your pet or your pet's...
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    Concern over snoring.

    Funny, I had a vet tell me that my 10 lb cat was little and they were concerned about the dosage of medication on such a small cat.  I didn't think 10 lbs was such a small weight for a housecat.  But hopefully your pet will exercise more if she feels better with the joint supplement.
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    not sure if i should worry :(

    I am glad everything is fine.  We are often more frightened about things than our cats/kitten.  Your cat was probably picking up on your fear/worry/anxiety and that may be why he did not come around you right away.  Also whenever you want your cat to come to you the most is usually when they...
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    cat vomiting still-- but now only clear liquid/bile?

    Thanks for replying.  Your response has scared me and now I fear my cat will die overnight if I don't rush him to a vet.  He has managed to keep down food and water since Tuesday night.  He had a rough Monday after coming home from the vet.  I talked to my vet Wednesday night and all seemed fine...
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    Comment by '2catlady' in article 'How Can I Give A Pill To My Cat'

    I didn't use to have an issue, but my cat has been on an antibiotic first for a UTI and then a week later he developed some issue where he is vomiting and the vet prescribed a pill to give 2x a day.  I was doing so well until today- the cat has learned the pill drill and refuses to come near me...
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    Cat won't come near me

    So I have been giving him pills for an illness and after I had been giving him the pills his behavior was normal. However, today after giving him a pill shortly after he vomited bile, he doesn't seem to want to come near me. So I need to know if this is just because he now associates me...
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    Worried mummy in need of some help and reassurance!

    I would take the cat to the vet.  Has he eaten or drank anything since throwing u the 14-16 times?  It sounds like some type of gasto issue.  Is your cat an indoor cat or does it go outside?
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    cat vomiting still-- but now only clear liquid/bile?

    So my cat Stan started vomiting late last Friday night.  I came home and found puked up food.  I thought it was from my other cat who sometimes eats too quickly and regurgitates his food.  But overnight and early Saturday morning, I discovered it was Stan.  So I called the vet and we went to get...
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    How are they sure it was pancreatitis?  My cat is having some stomach issues -- well throwing up and they took an x-ray and there is no blockage.  The vet did not recommend a food change and put him on an anti-biotic specifically for tummy and colon issues.  He got a shot of something before we...
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    Why is my cat randomly hissing at me?

    My cat is very sensitive to smells.  Have you been around other pets before coming into the bedroom?  Is there some new odor that you may be picking up somewhere that caused this change in behavior recently?  My cat will once in awhile hiss at me if I have been around a lot of other cats and...