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  1. jberry09

    Mating Behavior In Newly Spayed Cat?

    I adopted a feral cat a little over a week ago from the shelter. She had her spay surgery a week and a half ago, and her medical records say she was in heat during her spay. Today I introduced her to my other (neutered male) cat, and while he seemed mostly interested in playing with her, I...
  2. jberry09

    Hello From California!

    Hi everyone! I just joined after adopting my second cat Juniper last week. She's about 2 and was feral before she got to the shelter so I'll probably be on here a lot asking for socialization advice. :) And this is Bailey! I've had him since he was a kitten (he's 3 now) and his love for...
  3. jberry09

    Adopted Feral Or Semi-feral From A Shelter

    I adopted what I thought was a very shy and scared cat last week, but the shelter staff waited until I was halfway through the adoption paperwork to tell me she was semi-feral. Her medical records, though, just say feral. I know this shelter has a TNR program so I’m not sure why they adopted her...