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    Will his fur change color?

    Callista - the kitten is actually 9 weeks, but i was pretty appalled that she was just handing them out on the street. She said she had 4 more that were taken pretty quickly but no one wanted the six toed one. How could i say no? My two dogs and other cat have taken to him very well and Hex...
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    which type of dog do you have with your cats?

    I have a boston terrier/pit mix and a boxer/great dane/redboned coonhound mix that are great with my 2 year old and 9 week old kitten. Although, the coonhound mix does occasionally give in to her urges to chase if the cats pass by too quickly.
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    Will his fur change color?

    I just got a new 9 week old kitten, Hex (he has 6 toes), for free from a women giving kittens away on my street corner. While i've had cats before, i've never had one this young. He is all black with some white fur mixed in on the tips of his ears and near his genetalia, he also has a few...