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    What a fun thread. There's a lot of great images so far. Here's a couple of mine... Lucy admiring herself in the mirror Archie and Lucy gazing out of the window
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    Post Your Outdoors Shots Of Your Cats/dogs/etc.

    I rarely have the opportunity to photograph cats outdoors. But on my way home from the Cat Writer's Association Conference in Houston this June, I took a short detour out to Montgomery, Texas to photograph some beautiful cats. The owners' cats live in a giant indoor/outdoor catico. Although I...
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    You can't see me!

    Here's one of Archie and a couple of Lucy...
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    Post Your Cats Sun Bathing

    Here's a few of Archie enjoying the sun beams....
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    Applause For Paws

    Here's one of Archie's paw (and a bit of tail) sticking out of basket while he was napping.
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    Cat Tongues Thursday!!!

    Thanks. I often hear from people that black cats are difficult to photograph. They really aren't. All it takes is good light and a proper exposure. I use a stuffed animal to evaluate the exposure before photographing my cats. That way I don't waste time fiddling with my camera; all I have...
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    Cat Tongues Thursday!!!

    Lucy lapping up some water
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Archie and Lucy snuggling on a chilly fall day
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    Post Your Bird's Eye View

    Lucy drinking from the toilet (naughty girl)
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    Any insights into Lucy's cute and unusual new behavior?

    Thanks, @ameliashuman  .  Lucy does enjoy being petted while she eats.  And perhaps that's part of what she's trying to tell me.  I'm starting to think that perhaps she wants me to watch her eat.  Things have been a little turbulent between Lucy and her housemate, Archie lately.  Maybe she feels...
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    Any insights into Lucy's cute and unusual new behavior?

    Hi @1CatOverTheLine, thanks for the tip about google translate.  I had not seen that before.  Also, a quick clarification.  In addition to frequent drive-bys, Lucy asks for several extended petting sessions a day.  When she asks me to follow her to her food bowl, she just wants a quick pet...
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    Any insights into Lucy's cute and unusual new behavior?

    A bit of background before I get to my question.  My beautiful 7 year old black girl, Lucy, is a bottle fed baby.  Other than the occasional late night catawauller and a sonorous purr, she rarely vocalizes.  Instead of talking, Lucy shows me what she wants.  First she will gain my attention...
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    Comment by 'rickr' in article 'Should I Give My Cat Probiotics?'

    I started Lucy on probiotics after a round of antibiotics to treat a UTI.  We use PetJoy Naturals water based probiotics.  Three sprays on her wet food.  It's a simple, no fuss approach.  She doesn't seem to mind the addition to her food.