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    Cat has no sense of smell or taste.

    Mary, I'm afraid I don't know of any agency that could help, and we personally are tapped. (In addition to Bertie we have an additional 20 cats, some of whom have other health/med issues...we're always looking for "creative" financing ...) As for the oral feedings, AD is definitely "tubeable"...
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    Cat has no sense of smell or taste.

    Hi purrna2go If your cat is getting no food you need to get your vet to put in an e-tube ASAP. Keeping the  food coming in is the only way to buy your kitty time to recover.  It's no guarantee of recovery, but gives your cat a chance, which starving and/or liver damage would preclude...
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    Cat has no sense of smell or taste.

    Hi lam29, Bertie's e-tube was in for the first 7 weeks at which time he pulled it out. When they checked his xrays his fractures were healed enough to unbond his teeth. That was when we realised he had lost his smeller and didn't recognize that the food in front of him was indeed food. I gave...
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    Comment by 'ozquilter' in article 'Why You Should Not Surrender Senior Cats To Shelters'

    It's truly appalling what kinds of things can be done at a place that calls itself a shelter. Just imagine the way people would respond if a shelter for battered women and children could call itself a shelter and carry out this sort of behavior – selectively killing individuals for convenience...
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    What color is this kitten?

    No matter what you call her color she's adorable. Please watch her eyes carefully and get treatment if there's any sign of serious infection. Untreated infections are the leading cause of blindness in cats.
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    Cat has no sense of smell or taste.

    I see that the original post on this thread dates from 2009, but the most recent post is from March of this year 2015. In January 2015 our cat was also hit by a car in the face and went through a virtually identical recovery is the original poster's cat. Our cat was blinded and also has lost his...