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    Vote for your favourite 15 photos of "Cats Inspecting Things"

    We're ready! :winner:We're not really ready! Decisions are difficult, @mani!
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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month: Oct 2021. Cats with unexpected things.

    Come on, Cat Friends! Keep the pictures coming! (The more pictures, the more votes @mani will give us?) :yess:
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    Cat and Baby

    Congratulations on your baby! I was sad until I happened to open this thread. Not only am I excited for your baby, I love the pictures that @Elphaba09 posted. I don't have advice to add to what has already been posted. My cousin had cats when her babies were born and the cats were very...
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    Resident Cat terrified of New Kitten - HELP

    Hi, it's nice to meet you and your beautiful cats! IMHO, most cats resolve issues among themselves once a pecking order has been established. It can take cats a really long time to adjust. I only have two that absolutely cannot mix under any circumstances. I would suggest trying some type of...
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    Picture of the Month... choose the best photo of Begging Cats, from the two winners!

    Oh no! What are you trying to do to us, @mani? Here is a stern little man shaking his finger at you: :nono: Can't we call it a tie and they both win? :please:
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    Our dog had puppies this week!

    Aw, look at those spots! Congratulations! And I must agree, there is nothing like puppy-breath! :redheartpump:
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    Is my cat a Bombay?

    Frist off, welcome to TCS! I hope you'll stick around our friendly community. Second, what a beautiful cat! But my guess would be no. Could be a Bombay mix, but looks like a DSH like my Bree. I think the white patches on their necks are called something, like an angel's kiss. (Bree is a...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, September 13, 2021

    Never. :thumbsup: Though I really dodged the bullet one time.
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    Advice with cats and infant

    I agree with @rubysmama. Even if you have to limit space for a while, and I'm not trying to be scary, when Speck was a kitten I woke up with something furry covering my face. I knew immediately who it was and set him gently aside. Since a baby isn't capable of doing that, I would never take a...
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    Help with advice on transporting two outdoor feral cats pets who won't go into cat traps

    Yes, I forgot. As @vizibara said, leaving the cage out for a few days might work. We had a large cage (not a trapping one) borrowed from animal control. The kittens took to playing and sleeping in it. My husband is on disability because of an arm injury. There is no way we could have picked...
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    The heat. I am in NC. I noticed it was a little cooler this morning when I fed the kittens, so hope is on the horizon.
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    Question of the day - Thursday 2 September

    I'm a Scottish Fold! :thumbsup:
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    Insect Invasion

    I apologize if this has already been said, but if you find the source, wait until dark to make your attack. That way, you'll have a better chance of getting them all while they are at the nest. In the day, they are out and about, doing whatever stinging insects do.
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    Cat Mood Scale

    4 - I think I have COVID yet again.