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    What can i add to food

    What can I add to my cats food to help with vomiting. I have 7 cats and one is on prednisolone. it has helped some but not completely. He gets egg lecithin twice a day. Dry food twice a day and wet food twice a day. If they throw up its within 20 minutes of eating and they almost always want...
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    Anyone Use Spirulina?

    I was told its good for cats who have the herpes virus. But I have never heard of it.
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    Lysine For Cats?

    What is it? It's not lysine?
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    Lysine For Cats?

    I recently had to change brands of Lysine as Tomlyn has been out of stock. I purchased the NOW brand but it's not working. Zanes eyes are getting all goopy. He has gotten flares before. but this time it doesn't seem to want to go away. what's the difference in these too? I had always stuck with...
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    Any Feeding Ez Complete?

    Thank you. Yes that's what I used. Just wish I knew for sure if it was him who had soft poop. Unless it's a cat who i gave cat lax. I wonder if it could be to many foods in his diet. I'm trying to go slow. But he is getting ezc, ff and RC. On top of dry
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    Any Feeding Ez Complete?

    First off I have 7 cats. So it's hard to no for sur . But I'm trying to transition one of my cats off RC urinary so to ez complete. One if them had diarrhea. I suspect its him. Anyones cat not able to eat EZC? Before transitioning. He was getting some FF one scoop of dry and some RC. Im slowly...
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    Is Canidae A Good Brand?

    Who owns them? I thought there was issues years ago with recalls or ingredients.
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    Purina Beyond Turkey, Liver And Quail

    I have given the duck and he likes it.
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    How much is it?
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    Looking For Cheaper Alternative To Royal Canin Urinary Iso Cat Food

    I'm feeding the wet RC and have tried adding the purina uti food and he starts having issues again. Right now I am feeding 50% fancy feast pate and 50% royal canin urinary so. 2 meals of each
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    How Bad Is Grocery Store Dry Food?

    Look at the ingredients. I call them corn meal.
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    Wet? Dry? Both?

    Can cats pee to much? They eat about 4 or 5 oz of wet food with added water and about 2 tbl spoons of dry. They really dont drink much from the fountains and they pee a lot. The clumps are pretty big.
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    My Cats Have Clostridium

    Got them back on the NOW brand. And tried to cut back and give them one capsule a day instead of 2. And someone is getting diarrhea or it's the same cat that had it before. But it's not every day. I dont know which cat it is either. :( it's a struggle with multiple cats
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    My Cats Have Clostridium

    My cats did not do well on the jarrow brand. Went through the whole bottle and someone puked after having diarrhea this morning. :/ I'm scared as they are just passing it back and forth will it ever go away? I can't afford this and it's taking a toll on me
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    My Cats Have Clostridium

    Yes I used that last time and stopped has they weren't going at all or started getting formed stool. I started again. Just hope it works. As of yesterday it hadn't help much with Zane. I ordered the jarrow brand. Its supposed to be better.