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    Both cats constipated

    They eat dry food during the day and then I give them wet food at night. It’s hard for me to only do wet food because I work long hours during the day and don’t want the wet food to get bad.
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    Both cats constipated

    I have been adding water to the at cat food, but I have not used psyllium. Thank you!
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    Both cats constipated

    Both of my Twin cats are constipated. My female cat has been struggling with constipation since May and is on Lactulose and Cisapride. She has gotten 2 enemas so far and the vet still doesn’t know why she is constipated. The meds are working for her but if I try to take her off she gets...
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    Cat has brown marks in ear

    Hello, about a week ago I noticed my cat Betsy had some dark spots in her ear that I’ve never noticed before. I thought it might have been dirt so I tried to clean her ear but it wouldn’t come off. Any idea on what it could be?