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    Teeth Brushing - Should There Be A Routine (same Time Daily Etc)

    I am trying to do this, but it seems like I can't ever get near the back teeth....which are generally the problem teeth. My cat doesn't put up much of a fight, but I can't seem to get there with either the tiny toothbrush or the finger brush! How do you guys get all of the teeth?
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    Won't Eat Any Other Treats Other Than Temptations...

    I've actually just stopped buying normal treats. Since my cat takes medication, her pill pocket every other day is her treat. And when I need to reward her or convince her to do something, I actually just use the healthiest kibble I can for a treat. I think it's all about convincing them what a...
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    Check This Out.... Chart For Cat Food Ingredients

    This is amazing!
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    Wet Food And Dental Health

    I feed a wet/raw diet, and I've just had to start brushing my cats teeth. She's only three, and at her last check-up the vet showed me her back teeth, that are starting to look bad. I can't feed her as many bones as I would like to, as bone has been causing constipation lately. Since we only...
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    The 2019 Gardening Thread.

    I feel you! It's been a wet and windy spring. We even had about 5 minutes of snow yesterday! But it is warm enough for cold-hardy greens like kale, chard, arugula in Toronto. I would have loved to put some in the ground already, but I'm building new garden beds this weekend, so it didn't make...
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    Anyone Know How Much Prednisone Costs (estimate)?

    Cheap! In Canada, I think I pay less than $30 for a prescription that lasts my cat about 3 months.
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    Hydrolyzed Protein Diets

    You definitely didn't mess anything up or cause it. My cat was in the hospital with a terrible IBD flare up 6 days after I brought her home. It turns out the rescue either didn't disclose, or didn't put much effort into diagnosing her, so I can empathize with you. Shelters and rescues are...
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    Hydrolyzed Protein Diets

    Glad she's doing better! One of the nice things about Pred is that it's an appetite stimulant, so it will definitely help her eat more while she's recovering. My cat put all of her weight back on, and is now on 2.5 mgs of Pred every other day. My vet feels very comfortable that it's a low...
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    Best Cat Food?

    This is so personal! Everyone has their own requirements, location and budget. But my requirements are high protein, moderate fat, low carb. And by low carb, I prefer less than 10% for wet food, and less than 15% for dry food. I don't feed much dry at all, so I'm willing to go up to 15% since...
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    Hydrolyzed Protein Diets

    Pred has been amazing for my cat, and while I do feel her diet makes a difference and is important, Pred has done much more for her stability. My vet would also prefer that my IBD cat eat Purina Veterinary Diet GA, but a mix of dry and wet. The dry is mainly made of soy, and she just does so...
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    The 2019 Gardening Thread.

    I'm so excited there is a gardening thread! I live in Canada, in the city, and I have grown all kinds of vegetables in all kinds of tiny spaces. I have my peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and eggplant seedlings under grow lights in my kitchen right now! And I'll be sowing my leafy greens and peas...
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    Neighbor Upset About Cat Poop In Yard.

    I don't know - I understand that this is frustrating and maybe your neighbours aren't the nicest people, but I think they have the right to be upset about this. They are property owners on the street, the same as everyone else. Living there less time doesn't make them any less equal, in terms of...
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    Disciplining Your Cat

    I use a lot of redirection and ignoring. If she tries to bite while playing, I stop playing, walk away. When she tries to wake me up before I'm ready or in the middle of the night, I play absolutely dead. It definitely works. She only scratches the couch to get my attention; so I try to...
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    Walnut Based Cat Litter

    I've used it, and I like it too. I'm really not a fan of clay litters at all, and I really dislike scented litters. I generally use the grass litter, but I'll take the walnut if that's all the store has. I think the grass out clumps the walnut somewhat? But the walnut is more easily available...
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    What Is The Worst Thing Your Cat Has Ever Done?

    Business Cat doesn't do anything really bad intentionally...but she's not always the most graceful. She knocked over a shattered a huge mirror from about 5 five off the ground. I don't know how she didn't kill herself. The bad thing she on purpose is scratching furniture for attention. When...