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    To Lelia, Charlie, Sterling, and Zoe: Feliz cumpleaños! Parabens! Happy Birthday! :hyper::hyper::bday::party3::party3: Last week- the beginning of September- was Pimenta's second birthday. Two years already! Given that the wife's birthday was Sept. 6th, tomorrow we're doing a BBQ to...
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    Black Cats Only

    No comment necessary, Pantera is an expert at using body language to communicate Just in case there's any doubt as to who is in charge :biggrin::blackcat2:
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    Marble guy

    Wow, he looks like he could be Pimenta's brother! Of course, Pimenta is from a feral colony here in Rio, she's as close to a pure/natural feline as you can get. The polar opposite of the highly refined Bengal breed
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    Blue trying to pick a fight. (Dominance behavior)

    Wow, and I thought Pantera was a handful. She has been an utter drama queen from the beginning, on top of having an unusually aggressive side to her personality: at three months she spent her time bullying three adult cats, and now never misses an opportunity to show Pimenta who the boss is...
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Pantera and Pimenta, the terrible twosome. I hate night shots, you lose sooo much detail with artificial light, but you work with what you have... (foreshortening strikes again: the angle of the two gives the impression that Pimenta is larger than Pantera, when in reality she's about a third...
  6. P & P together

    P & P together

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    POM August 2021: Vote for your 15 favourite 'then and now' photos

    Damn, missed the voting again. Real Life is really messing with my time on this site... Even so, Congrats to everyone who participated. Especially Jack and Posiepurrs :woo:
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    August 2021 Picture of the Month: Then and Now

    Sorry, I wasn't able to get anything done. Thanks for the edit :thumbsup:
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    August 2021 Picture of the Month: Then and Now

    Ok, it's very late here (time zones suck) ; I'll try to prepare something- one way or the other you'll get a reply tonight :yess:
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    August 2021 Picture of the Month: Then and Now

    ok, Here's Pimenta: first at 15/16 weeks and next at just over a year and a half. She will complete two years at the end of this month. The little kid is all grown up :clap::tabbycat: (sorry for not puting the photos side by side. Is above/below ok?)
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    August 2021 Picture of the Month: Then and Now

    Cool contest! I've posted before & now photos on this site: is it ok to post something that has already been posted?
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    Could my cat have some mix of Sokoke genes in him?

    você vive em Portugal? Bem legal! Que gatão! Qual o nome dele? Truth be told, he could pass for a brazilian shorthair: sleek build, sharp intelligence and social skills. He could almost pass for Pimenta's brother, they both have very similar features
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    Is this normal?

    Would love to, but being Rio de Janeiro, Brasil it might take a while ;) Pantera would probably love it just for the weather: she does not like hot weather at all, she has a clear preference for cooler temperatures.
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    This sofa is mine human, find your own spot :biggrin::blackcat2: