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    COMPETITION: Picture of the Month - June 2020 - Glamourpuss!

    This contest was made for a camera ham like Pantera. Her entry
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    Black Cats Only

    The artificial lighting in use here messed up the colors. Pantera's eyes are jade green but not here :disappointed: Otherwise a good photo- Pantera still loves to ham it up for the camera
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    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    Little Pimenta is now approx. nine months old. Her attitude is growing faster than the rest of her :hyper::flail:
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Pimenta is nearly as long and tall as Pantera, but still barely half the size of her older sibling. She always looks bigger in photos (she knows how to use foreshortening to her advantage! :thumbsup: )
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    Cats with attitude photos

    The daily sparring sessions with Pantera has made Pimenta more than a little cocky
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    Black Cats Only

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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Sooner or later even Pimenta runs out of gas
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    Comment by 'lucho' in media 'Pimenta de olho'

    That photo was taken right after she arrived. She's grown so much since then (but still has a loooong tail)
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    Show me your eyes

    Wow, he could be Pimenta's brother, despite the two not even being on the same continent :cool2::tabbycat: