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    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    Five months old, beginning to settle in
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    Black Cats Only

    Still trying to get decent pics- the difference between photographing night and day is, well, night and day 🤨 Photos at night just aren't the same. Even so, it's when Pantsra hams it up for the camera 😜
  3. Pimenta at home

    Pimenta at home

    So young, and already a camera ham
  4. Pimenta


    Little by little she settles in
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    Black Cats Only

    Does he strut? The thing about Pantera is that she doesn't walk like most cats. She has a 'head low to the ground' and shoulders forward way of movement that is more like the jaguars and leopards of youtube than normal cats. If only I could get that on video...
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    Black Cats Only

    Man, I just can't win for losing: photographing black cats is harder than it looks. I almost got this one. Pantera still never walks, she struts. Talk about living up to the name :blackcat2:
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    Survey: What color eyes does your cat have?

    The newest member to our family, Pimenta, comes from a small feral colony living around a nearby school (only six cats, max). She doesn't resemble the other cats at all, and was the only nonadult. Even so she seems a good example of brazilian street cats, with her lanky and leggy build, notable...
  8. First mugshot :P

    First mugshot :P

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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Little by little Pantera and Pimenta are becoming friends
  10. Just hanging out

    Just hanging out

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    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    Little Pimenta is starting to feel right at home
  12. Feeling at home

    Feeling at home

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    New kid on the Block: Pimenta

    So, today marks two weeks since Pimenta arrived. Yesterday's trip to the vet confirmed that she's 16-18 weeks of age, weighs 2.1kg (less than Pantera at the same age, although by a smaller margin than I expected), and has a clean bill of health except for worms (de-worming treatment has...
  14. Playtime


    What kitten can resist a big ol' feather?