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    Moving into a small home, worried that she’ll be unhappy

    I need to move soon, but there’s a shortage of places and I’m having trouble finding something I feel like my cat will be happy with. Up until 4 months ago she (2yo) was an apartment kitty, with access to a balcony to lay in the sun and watch birds in nearby trees. But we’ve been at my parents...
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    Eye ointment causing inflamed looking eyelids

    My 1.5 year old has been prescribed an eye ointment (Tacrolimus) to use twice a day, for an eyeball issue that now I can’t remember the name of. Her actual eyeball is now looking great (she’s also been on steroid drops), but as soon as I started using the ointment her eyelids look angry, sleepy...
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    Feel guilty for even considering moving city.

    Thank you so much everyone. I’ve been going around in circles about this for months, but I think I’ve finally decided to do it. Your messages made me feel a little more confident that she’ll at least forgive me afterwards. I’ll look into all your tips, especially trying to get transport without...
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    Feel guilty for even considering moving city.

    I’ve been thinking about moving to a city about 10 hours drive away for a much better quality of life. But the guilt of knowing that my cat will have to endure the trauma of such a long road trip has made me think I shouldn’t move. I don’t want to be the cause of her suffering at all. The...
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    Cat eye ulcer

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. It’s been a stressful time. Went to the ophthalmologist on Monday. He said he could see very small ulcers and that the redness is from the body sending blood to the eye to try to heal it. Started on a new med, but it’s not looking any better at all. It’s very...
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    Cat eye ulcer

    Hi everyone. My little 1 year old has had an eye issue that started about 4 weeks ago. At first the skin looked puffy and red and she would squint looking at light. Other than that she has been behaving completely normal. Never any discharge or pawing at it. The vet said it’s probably an...