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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    His expression says "don't even think about touching my toys!" to me.
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    The Positive Thread 2021

    Can't wait to see a picture of the full thing once it's dry!
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    Music Videos A-Z

    I'll make up for it by posting a Kina Grannis song @rubysmama Write It In the Sky - Kina Grannis
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    Does everyone tell your nephew "don't hit" and "don't throw", because I've heard some kids will just hear/focus on the last word spoken, so it's more likely to get through if you say what you want them to do instead, like "gentle hands." I can't blame you for having trouble getting rid of...
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    The Positive Thread 2021

    If she does, I'm all for it. I feel like most kids just follow along with how the parents refer to them. At least, that's how it worked for me and my siblings! But there's always a chance she'll have her own ideas.
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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    My husband wanted to do yardwork and work out, so instead of cooking like I planned, I had a sandwich with liversausage and fake American cheese on my Dave's Killer Bread. And oh my, it was quite good!
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    Pick three

    If I could take first or business I would! I meant I'd still choose the airline tickets as one of my three even if the tickets were only for coach.
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Moderna #1 is done! Leaving J was the hardest part because she cried. Other than that, just a sore arm. I'm very disappointed that J's got me on this dairy free diet that may or may not be helping so I can't pick up my free Krispy Kreme, though.
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    Wool Roll Bread

    Oh man that looks so good.
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    The Positive Thread 2021

    We're boring. Both sets are just grandma and grandpa. We'll add in last names if it's not obvious which ones we're talking about.
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    How did you choose your profile pictures?

    Just a picture of Lelia that I like!
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    Music Videos A-Z

    Take It Easy - The Eagles
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    How did you chose your username?

    Lari's my nickname. I was simple and probably should have tried to be more private. Oh well.
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday April 14th

    Shredding! Or just ripping up when I'm too lazy to get the shredder. I should start putting them in poopy diapers. Make anyone who wants to steal info really work for it. :p
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    Music Videos A-Z

    Ride Like the Wind - Christopher Cross