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    Dating with Cats

    I didn't have any cats when I met my husband. He was the one who said he had one on his dating profile, and that was a plus for me! Honestly, you may just have to weed out more people. The cat lovers are out there!
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    Coffee & Tea Talk

    Somehow I am on my last pumpkin spice hot chocolate. Where did they all disappear to?
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    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2020

    Haha, definitely not! It's because I don't know the sex and 'them' sounds nicer than 'it'. But I get how it's confusing. We need a singular gender neutral pronoun in English like the 'on' in French.
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    Finished Rainbow Brite last night. My childhood is happy. Now the only puzzles I have that I haven't done yet are Christmas themed.
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    Thread Devoted To Sharing Your Favorite Albums And Songs - 2020

    Bebe's really bopping to Dear River, so I decided to post it for them.
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    Growing a Human

    Thank you so much! A pandemic pregnancy is clearly not the ideal, but given our ages, especially if we want more than one, we didn't feel we could wait, obviously. I hope it happens quickly for you once you start trying. If you haven't read Taking Charge of Your Fertility yet, I recommend it...
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    Question of the Day, Sunday the 18th of October, 2020

    Even assuming a pandemic free world, I'm still in my third trimester, so I should probably avoid going too far and Zika areas. So I'm thinking Canada, too. Maybe Québec so I could practice my French, though those train rides people are mentioning sound lovely, too.
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2020

    That looks awesome!
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    The Positive Thread 2020

    I made my haunted cookie house today! It never looks grwat, but tastes good, and that's the important thing!
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    It's a very hard decision! I do like your short list a lot!
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    Growing a Human

    I feel like when the baby comes Sparkle is going to be all "Why are you letting this thing use all this stuff you clearly got for me?"
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    The Positive Thread 2020

    I enjoy the cotton candy grapes, but will only buy them on a really good sale. I have some regular green grapes right now. (I basically pick my produce by what's on sale, though.)
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    Growing a Human

    Aww! I hope it will be able to happen for you sooner than it all did for me, but you have so much time and I have faith you'll find your special someone. In my college years I never would have thought it would take so long, but I'm glad I didn't settle.
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    Growing a Human

    I got a package from my twin aunts! They made the most purr-fect blankets, hats and booties for Bebe! (There was a touch and feel kitten book and some burp cloths, too) I love them so much!!!
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    Question of the Day, Friday, October 15

    My first car was black gold. I liked that color. My next was silver and I was cool with that, too. Current car is white. Got it from CarMax after I totaled the last one and needed a new car right away. I'm not a fan of the color at all. It shows dirt super easily, but the car still works. I'd...