I am a very devoted Cat Mama. All of my kitties have been special in their own amazing way. Like children it's difficult to have a favorite.
Remy my baby girl 14 yrs, Vlad the gentle giant 7 yrs, Eva our loner 7 yrs and the newest Ashy Slashy (Ash) 7 mnths. But My beloved Remy hands down the most extraordinary cat I've ever had the honor of calling my own, my best friend, my familiar, My savior and now my Angel.
January 5th 2018 broke my heart. 14 yrs old, most active cat out of my two other adults in the house twice their senior, never ill, a few weeks before Christmas.
She suddenly wasn't eating, rapid weight loss, among many other things over the course of 3 weeks drastically got worse. Several desperate vet visits of not getting any answers, and finding more money by any means necessary. A fundraiser was started for her and in less than 48 hrs got traction, raising over 500. Too little too late. 48 hrs after the fundraiser began my Remys back leg went paralyzed and then the other. Rushed her back to the vet praying this wasn't it. It was..... never got a official cause, but looking at everything it was high chance of lung cancer and possible intestinal cancer. From xrays, lungs had masses, on 1/5/18 a tumor was seen behind her stomach pressing on her spine causing the paralysis. I broke down feeling like my heart was being ripped out of my chest when I was told it was time. I still hoped there would be a miracle. I'm devastated. :sniffle::bawling: Forgive me in advance, she will be the one I speak of the most. In excess.
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Lyndsey, LadyKatzenfrau