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  10. kumbulu

    3-4 Week Old Kittens Found

    It looks a little like mange to me. The kittens will need to see a vet for a checkup and to have their tails looked at. You said mumcat took one of the kittens back - are you keeping them outside? Even though it's summer where you are, they need to be inside, isolated from any pets that you...
  11. kumbulu

    Tips to help a friend lure her cat missing since Dec home

    Her best bet may be to use a drop trap in the area he was most recently seen. She could call him, shake a tin of treats (whatever noise it is she used to use to call or feed him). This thread talks about how to make a relatively quick and inexpensive drop trap...
  12. kumbulu

    My neighbor's cats

    Sending lots of vibes for these two, they sound lovely. Where are they located?
  13. kumbulu

    Transport MO to KY help needed.

    People in this thread may be able to help.
  14. kumbulu

    I need to know how to make a drop trap (and good drop site site provided)

    How about using metal piping instead of plastic? It does say to fill the pipes with (wet?) sand and that makes it quite heavy.