I'm a slightly unhinged animal lover who loves both cats and dogs equally for being so different to each other. I'm apparently never satisfied with the animals I already have and would turn into a crazy hoarder if I wasn't careful!

I live with in a small rural house with my parents at the moment, and we're owned by two DSH rescue cats. Technically my parents pay for their expenses, but they're family pets and I feel there may be an almighty custody battle the day I move out!

I am keen to help promote better understanding and treatment of our pets, and am happy to give advice to others, to the best of my knowledge, should they need it.
December 21
Scotland, UK
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Nature, long walks, creative writing, art, handwork (especially knitting... if Cleo isn't trying to murder the yarn!), stargazing, and of course animals!
Admin worker