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    Dry food recommendations?

    Thanks, guys! I have read that wet food is healthier but that seems like it would end up being very expensive, and one of my cats refuses wet food, even getting him to eat a little bit is difficult. Surprisingly though, vet never recommended this to me, in fact all vets I ever spoken to are...
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    Dry food recommendations?

    I'm sure there's been many topics like this before but I'm having a hard time deciding on dry food for my cats. I have two boys (ages 2 and 3), I used to feed them Acana Wild Prairie, they liked it well enough. Then one of them had urinary issues so I had to give him special food (I did Royal...
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    Health issues-->asthma to stomatitis?

    I think you should look for a second opinion. I understand it's difficult and scary now (and it's never easy to find a good vet) but I had my cats horribly misdiagnosed before and if you already have suspicions, I think absolutely look for a new vet. Good luck and keep us posted X
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    1 year old British Blue sudden death

    I'm so so sorry for your loss. From what you described, I immediately thought about FIP. If so, there's nothing you could've done to prevent it. Please don't blame yourself. X
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    Missing patch of fur on Stout the cat

    My cat had something very similar, just smaller in that same place! I just assumed that hair came out when my cats were playing because my younger one likes to bite. It just went away on itself. But I didn't notice it getting bigger so it might be something entirely different.
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    Cat vomiting clear liquid

    Visited the vet today. She initially thought it was caused by hair because he sheds quite a bit and my other cat sheds even more. However, she said that hairball paste *should've* helped, and I've been giving it everyday for the last five days. She also thought it might just be an irritated...
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    Elevated kidney levels in young cat

    How is your baby feeling?:)
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    Cat vomiting clear liquid

    I will, thank you! I'm so worried, I just hope it's nothing serious.
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    Vomiting issue, no other symptoms - has anyone experienced this too?

    Hi! How is your cat? Have you gotten any answers? My cat has been vomiting clear bile every few days (on the 5th, 8th and today) but otherwise seems fine. Taking him to the vet tomorrow.
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    Cat vomiting clear liquid

    He's about to turn 2! To be honest I never had a hairball issue with this cat before. Last time he was throwing up was nearly a year ago when he got really sick but that was an entirely different thing. I *think* it looks similar to how my other cat throws up a hairball, in that that he's...
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    Problems with 2 kitties. Help please :(

    I have two cats as well and the younger one has a lot more energy so similar things happen as well. You said they usually get along just fine, sleeping together and grooming so I think they're just playing. If it gets too rough or your older cats gets too fed up - distract him! I bought a laser...
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    Cat vomiting clear liquid

    I'll be taking my cat to vet tomorrow (it's closed today because of Easter) but I'm very anxious so I thought I would consult here. My cat vomited some clear liquid on April 5th, 8th and today. It only happened once each of these days. Last time it happened I called the vet and they said to...
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    Advice on taking a urine sample?

    oh, I didn't even think of that! I'll try this, thank you!
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    He's nearly three! He doesn't seem sick in any other way so I hope it's nothing serious. He didn't eat the supplements I bought (it was in pill form) but I ordered some fish oil - hopefully it helps.
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    Advice on taking a urine sample?

    Hi all, I need to take a urine sample to bring to the vet and I've had no success for a week. I've manage to get them before but this time my cat just isn't cooperating at all. In the past I've managed to do it in both an empty litter box and using the special litter (the one that looks like...