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    Comment by 'fantisticat' in article 'What’s The Ideal Temperature For A Cat?'

    I'm always concerned when Bonnie heads under the blankets, head and all. How can the girl breathe? But, the article above seems to indicate that I don't have to think my gal is an idiot: she knows what she's doing! (And she does generally peek her head out eventually!)
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    Did I Make The Wrong Choice

    Though there are tired and thoughtless people who show up in the vet world, I think they're dwarfed by the tireless ones, who care very much. I think the medical people gave the best advice they could: that poor AJ was not going to make it, and that prolonging the suffering would be cruel. I...
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    My Beloved Boy, Hemingway

    I share my deep empathy for your sad journey, and sympathy at your loss. Beloved is a beautiful and appropriate word for our dear, lost cats. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photo - and I hope you will know that you made all the right choices. There are no perfect choices. There are the...
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    Comment by 'fantisticat' in article 'How Long Can You Leave Your Cat Alone For?'

    NORMAL! (Only *two* pages?) ; - )
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    Comment by 'fantisticat' in article 'How Long Can You Leave Your Cat Alone For?'

    I'm currently fortunate to have friendly neighbors/friends with cats, and we trade off on cat-lovin' for vacations. I'm moving this summer and think I'll need to check new neighborhoods for signs of cat-kids! Maybe once I move, I should post to the Neighborhood list to find kindred spirits.
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    Comment by 'fantisticat' in article '5 Reasons To Never Spray Water On Your Cat'

    Interesting. Thanks for this piece.
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    Show me your eyes

    Your signature line encompassing fur pals past, present, and future is lovely.
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    Lounging In The Sun

    This looks like a painting!
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    Comment by 'fantisticat' in article 'Cat Trees: 10 Designs That Will Make You Go "wow!"'

    Tree is so cool. I can see my kitty tucking away in there. But must agree with earlier comment that the leaves would be awfully tempting to snack on! (And dust?)
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    Comment by 'fantisticat' in article 'Cat Trees: 10 Designs That Will Make You Go "wow!"'

    This article is a good reminder to me that the world of Kitty Condos doesn't begin and end at Petsmart! I really hadn't thought of how many designs existed. I like the bubble, which will allow me to paint and decorate. (However, my frugal side is now also thinking about what I can build myself!)
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    Need Advice and Help. Terrified

    One thing I will share.  I do believe there are no right and wrong decisions in a situation like this (- and - many, many decisions in life actually).  I hope you will weigh it out.  Make a choice.  Then I hope you will know you made a thoughtful choice, and feel peace with that. 
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    My cat died a few months ago, I still get depressed and question myself whenever I think about him.

    The other Cat Site folks have said it well.  Your cat lived a lovely long life with you as a friend.  We big clumsy humans are quite adept, by the way, at accidentally stepping on our beloved kitty's tails, pushing them away more aggressively than we intended, and so on and so on!  Great...
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    Game with only FIVE words

    Shy no more; opened doors!
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    Cat alphabet game

    Xtra large (in the case of my round cat Bonnie.  And ok. Xtra doesn't really start with X.  But give me a pass on this, ok?  That's how they spell it in ads!!)