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    Purple Cats Toolbar

    Now I can't get the Cat Games to work!!! I get to the page, select a game, but all that comes up is a thin white line.... no game. Bummer!
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    Purple Cats Toolbar

    Thats what it was! I just found it! And I did have a very old version that was purple.... But we did upgrade our Firefox and now I have green! Thank you for your help!!!
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    Purple Cats Toolbar

    Somewhere I found a post that told me how to get purple color on my toolbars with cats sitting on the tool bars (I know that I am not using the correct terms and I apologize). I had this on my desktop until my husband updated our Firefox.... Now I can not remember where I found it..... Can...
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    Her eyes are changing color!

    That is how my black cat Extra's eyes are too! I don't know if they change depending on mood or what!
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    Opinion needed

    I would check with the vet to make sure that Kike is not in pain, and then if he is pain free, I would suggest letting him tell you when he is ready. If you do it and are not sure it is what he wants, it will haunt you - I speak from experience I am so sorry that you are in this...
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    Please Help! My cat has twisted a toe badly!

    Great news about Batman! Your vet sounds wonderful! What a happy ending to his toe problem!
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    Do Cats get the Snuffles with Roundworm?

    Thanks for the info. I will start using Revolution or the Advantage Multi (I never knew there was and Advantage Multi.... I just ordered 12 does of the regular Advantage , but I will get the Multi too.) The two new cats did have their rabies shots when they were neutered. I used to use the...
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    Do Cats get the Snuffles with Roundworm?

    I have a new rescue cat Raspy. Ever since I got him (2 wks ago) he has had 'a cold'. He snuffles a bunch and breathes through his mouth when I pet him and he is purring. He was neutered (I hate the castrate word!!) 10 days ago. I had told my vet about his breathing diffuculties, so he has be...
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    Shocked and frustrated!

    Allergies, Smallergies!!! I am another cat-person who is allergic to cats. That is what allergy pills are all about! Guido sounds like such a dear. I'm sending lots of for Guido to find his forever home with someone who will give him lots of love and hugs!
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    Prayers/Vibes for Japan...

    Lots of positive headed to Japan. I just can not imagine the devestation.........
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    Cruise Pics! (Warning... LOTS of Pics)

    Wow! Your vacation sounds fantastic!!! I have never been on a cruise either.... I may have to start pestering hubby for a cruise vacation!!!
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    eating bed

    My Ike cat completely tore up and off the undercover of my leather ottoman... and did a good job of scratching the leather on the bottom too! He would lay on his back and drag himself (on the wood floor) all the way around the ottoman! What a wacko cat!!!!
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    Litter Robot II - Good Choice?

    Cally, Thank you for your reply! I am just trying to make sure the mom that I love takes care of her cat that she (and I) love! If I could figure out how to send you a present icon (that I see on your and others ids) I most surely would! Thank you
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    Litter Robot II - Good Choice?

    My mother is 88 yrs old and has a cat (Bradey) that she rescued after my father died 5 yrs ago. She lives 600 miles from me in a wonderful retirement community, and I do go to visit her for a week every 2 months. She is very alert, but is not as faithful about cleaning the litter box as I...
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    Deaf cat has destructive behavior!!

    Wow! My deaf cat Extra shoves things off of counters, desks, etc. I never realized that he was part of a 'crowd'!!! I used to have PVC vertical blinds and Extra would sit on the window sill and rattle the blinds to wake me up in the mornings to feed him!!! I will have to look back and see if...