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    Any cats like to watch the rain.....outside?

    This cat does not mind the rain, but he is content here just being outside and watching it.
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    Making cat tree tower out of unusual items.

    Made a cat tree tower out of electrical spools.
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    Cats With Snakes....

    Okay, this might freak some people out. I live in Arizona and these snakes are in my yard all the time. My cats have caught a few. They are small and harmless groundsnakes. The snake was caught and released in a safe area. Anyone else get there share of wildlife catches from their cats?
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    Ever Catch Your (multiple) Cats Looking Innocent?

    If you have more than one cat, do you ever catch them looking innocent? Two cats, who have their moments:
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    Cats Sleeping Or Hiding In Crazy Places Or Positions

    It always fascinates me how cats can sleep or lie in such weird and crazy places! Got any pics or vids of your silly sleepers?
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    Christmas Cats

    I imagine a lot of people have pics and videos of cats at Christmas!
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    Terrible Moth Hunting Cat

    So my cat thinks he's a big hunter.... Anyone else have a cat that thinks they are something else? I guess that's what cats do!
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    Show Your Awesome Cat Pairs Or Cat Buddies!

    Do you have a pair of cats that are pretty close? Yes, the door to the catio is wide open! They just choose to cuddle up in the attic!
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    Herding Cats?

    So, I only have two, but (mostly) I can round 'em up!
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    Cats "trying" To Wear Collars...

    Does your cat like to be collared? Mine tolerate it for a little while, then pull them off.
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    Merry Christmas Cats!

    Lets see your videos and pics of your cats doing Christmas!
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    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    I made this out of an old wooden cabinet, rope, spare parts, and old carpet. They have since graduated to a store-bought one. They had a lot of fun with this one.