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    please help?..

    alright, thank you for replying! i'm keeping the kittens away from her for now
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    please help?..

    thank you! i've been putting the ointment the vet once gave me when my other cat had a swollen paw. so for now, i guess it looks kinda better than yesterday. she also doesn't look like she's in pain and she's eating normally too! i'm also keeping the kittens away from her for now. they'll go to...
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    please help?..

    hello! i'm not sure how to write this because i'm so bad at explaining things, sorry. but anyway, this is elsa, she's 3 years old. so, two days ago, my mum noticed something. it looks swollen, i don't know what happened, and i hope it's not bad.. my mum and i are fostering 4 kittens right...
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    Hobie Made It To 20 Years Old!

    happy birthday, Hobie!!! :bday:
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    Birthday Boy!!!

    thank you so much, everyone, for the birthday wishes!! (:
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    Birthday Boy!!!

    July 17th. this boy is one year old today! (we actually named him Rio/Reo. But decided to change it to Rico)
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    My Little Bubba!

    adorable!! :redheartpump:
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    Post Your Best Photo Of Your Cat!

    Oreo (RIP) Twix (RIP) Elsa Reo Simba
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    Which Cat Are You?

    February... :lol:
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    Name Something In Your Bedroom A-z

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    Lets See Your Majestic/distinguished Pose!

    i think i posted this picture of Elsa on some other thread too.. but i just love this photo of her!! and she looks gorgeous in this one too!
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    Name Something In Your Bedroom A-z

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    Does Anyone Believe In (cat) Reincarnation?

    in 2015, i found this little guy. Fell in love with him the second i saw him :redheartpump: he's about 7 weeks old in this picture but when i found him in the backyard of my house, he was so small, about 3 weeks old. my mum and i had to syringe feed him. he passed away last year, in April...
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    Help!! Brain Damage??

    did you take her to vet? i hope she's okay! we need an update!!