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    Hobie Made It To 20 Years Old!

    happy birthday, Hobie!!! :bday:
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    Birthday Boy!!!

    thank you so much, everyone, for the birthday wishes!! (:
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    Birthday Boy!!!

    July 17th. this boy is one year old today! (we actually named him Rio/Reo. But decided to change it to Rico)
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    My Little Bubba!

    adorable!! :redheartpump:
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    Post Your Best Photo Of Your Cat!

    Oreo (RIP) Twix (RIP) Elsa Reo Simba
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    Which Cat Are You?

    February... :lol:
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    Name Something In Your Bedroom A-z

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    Lets See Your Majestic/distinguished Pose!

    i think i posted this picture of Elsa on some other thread too.. but i just love this photo of her!! and she looks gorgeous in this one too!
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    Name Something In Your Bedroom A-z

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    Does Anyone Believe In (cat) Reincarnation?

    in 2015, i found this little guy. Fell in love with him the second i saw him :redheartpump: he's about 7 weeks old in this picture but when i found him in the backyard of my house, he was so small, about 3 weeks old. my mum and i had to syringe feed him. he passed away last year, in April...
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    Help!! Brain Damage??

    did you take her to vet? i hope she's okay! we need an update!!
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    Show Me Your Belly !!!

    Elsa was turning around to slap Oreo. They had an amazing friendship
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    Anyone Else's Cat So Cute But Not Cuddly?

    i'm pretty sure someone will definitely call the police if that family is seen here again. But i think they moved or something? i don't go out a lot anymore so i don't really know. But when i do go out, i don't see them anywhere. But wherever they are, i hope they are no longer harming any...
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    Anyone Else's Cat So Cute But Not Cuddly?

    her husband has been arrested before, he poisoned a stray dog! that dog had little puppies, they cried whole night without their mum. The good thing, a nice family fostered those puppies until they were old enough to be adopted. There's a man who doesn't live here but comes everyday to feed...