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    Excedrin Migraine

    Check your local drug store. I work for a major drug store chain and it has recently started showing up on the shelves again. Also the generic brand was available again before the brand Excedrin Migraine. The active ingredients are exactly the same as the brand name. It worked the same for me. I...
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    If I were to break into your home.....

    My slow cooker, cereal, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
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    Where is she hiding the hair ties?

    Under furniture,under any furniture cushions, under the refrigerator, under the stove, under your dish washer, in any blankets the cat has access to that are not used daily. I have also found hair ties under book cases. This is where I have found hair ties in my house. I am glad Kaylee is...
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    Help my cat has gone crazy! Pees on me and is very aggressive!

    I know this might be difficult to do but has your vet ruled out a UTI? One of my adult cats suddenly started peeing on us and our bed. He was telling us he was sick. He was taken to the vet and went through two rounds of antibiotics for his UTI. Also does he have access to a litter box close to...
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    Cat Hissing At Sister Post Vet Trip

    My youngest cat Casey hisses at my other cats when they get home from the vet. If there are no attacks and just hissing it is safe to let them work things out. I have had success getting this to go away faster by wiping down the cat that just came home from the vet with a piece of dirty...
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    I have no experience to offer advice on this issue personally. I just wanted to let you know that you and your baby are in my thoughts. I hope someone who has experience with this issue will be along to offer advice soon.
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    Jasper and Pepper are adorable. They look very happy chilling together.
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    Hand cream / lotion suggestions

    I work retail and some stores will take open returns. Do you have the receipt still? If you have the receipt check the back of it most stores have their return policy on the back of the receipt. If you are not sure you can call the store and ask. You might want to speak with a manager if you do...
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    Question Of The Day. Saturday 16th of November.

    Close My Eyes Forever by Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford. I listened to the song in the parking lot before singing it with a friend tonight at karaoke.
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    How many of your cats can you get to purr at the same time?

    We have 4 cats and there are two of us. We can each get two of them to purr at the same time. The only time all 4 purr at the same time is on the bed. But it is rare to have all 4 on the bed with us to sleep all at the same time.
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    Kitty Won’t Drink From Fancy Fountain

    You mentioned the fountain is near where Petal sleeps. Is it possible the sound is startling her when she is asleep? Have you tried putting the fountain in a different area of the house. I have 2 of the same exact fountains. One is ceramic and one is metal. Everyone started using the metal one...
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    Time for a cat sitter?

    I am very lucky that my cat sitter is also a close friend. She has been around my cats hanging out with us in our home. My cats know her. Until recently my oldest cat a female named Starbuck would hide from anyone but us. We did show our cat sitter her hiding places. This became necessary when...
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    Hand Vac Recommendations

    One of my 4 cats is a messy eater and keeps dropping dry food all over my powder room floor. I have bad knees and the food pieces are fairly small trying to sweep it up is not working. If anyone has ideas that do not require me to bend or kneel a lot it would be appreciated. I have an outlet in...
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    Question Of The Day Sunday 29 September, 2019

    I was in a choir in high school. I go out for karaoke almost every weekend. I enjoy singing and it helps me relax. My husband and I met at a karaoke show. We have been married for 18 years.
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    Question Of The Day, Friday, September 20

    I tip food delivery drivers. I also tip my hair dresser. I did tip a contractor who did repair work for water damage. He gave us a huge discount and would not let him pay us what we should have been billed. He would not let us actually give him a tip. I told him it was a Christmas present...