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  1. catlover73

    Kitty Won’t Drink From Fancy Fountain

    You mentioned the fountain is near where Petal sleeps. Is it possible the sound is startling her when she is asleep? Have you tried putting the fountain in a different area of the house. I have 2 of the same exact fountains. One is ceramic and one is metal. Everyone started using the metal one...
  2. catlover73

    Time for a cat sitter?

    I am very lucky that my cat sitter is also a close friend. She has been around my cats hanging out with us in our home. My cats know her. Until recently my oldest cat a female named Starbuck would hide from anyone but us. We did show our cat sitter her hiding places. This became necessary when...
  3. catlover73

    Hand Vac Recommendations

    One of my 4 cats is a messy eater and keeps dropping dry food all over my powder room floor. I have bad knees and the food pieces are fairly small trying to sweep it up is not working. If anyone has ideas that do not require me to bend or kneel a lot it would be appreciated. I have an outlet in...
  4. catlover73

    Question Of The Day Sunday 29 September, 2019

    I was in a choir in high school. I go out for karaoke almost every weekend. I enjoy singing and it helps me relax. My husband and I met at a karaoke show. We have been married for 18 years.
  5. catlover73

    Question Of The Day, Friday, September 20

    I tip food delivery drivers. I also tip my hair dresser. I did tip a contractor who did repair work for water damage. He gave us a huge discount and would not let him pay us what we should have been billed. He would not let us actually give him a tip. I told him it was a Christmas present...
  6. catlover73

    Could This Be Why We Can't Pick Simba Up?

    It is possible that Simba has a bad memory associated with being picked up. I had an abused cat that I adopted many years ago that was never comfortable with being picked up. I really do think she associated being picked up with being abused. Baby-T lived with me for a long time and almost...
  7. catlover73

    My Journey Towards Better Health

    What color is the ooze? Is the area that is oozing warm to the touch or angry bright red? Is there a lump where the oozing is coming from? I am a human that has a medical condition that causes abscesses. The reason I am asking you these questions is because I have been told by both my primary...
  8. catlover73

    Help With Kitten Behavior

    Where either of the other two kittens at the vet for anything right before this happened? I am asking this question because one of my cats was hospitalized for 3 days. When he came home our normally laid back cat Casey hissed at him. Casey also hissed at Apollo and us. He never attacked us or...
  9. catlover73

    Older Male Cat Straining To Pee All Over The House

    If you do not get answers about what is going on tomorrow then please get a 2nd opinion from a different vet. My Sonny developed a partial blockage from a UTI that was misdiagnosed. Thank god my friend who is also his former foster mom went to that vet appointment with us. She felt like the vet...
  10. catlover73

    So...this Was Weird

    I have an I-phone. I got annoyed and turned Siri off. I was watching SWAT and Siri wanted to call 911. I said no and the call was never made. I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds and Siri wanted to call the FBI for me. I only have Siri turned on when I need to use it. I would prefer not...
  11. catlover73

    What Do You Set Your Air Conditioner To?

    I do not do well with it being warm or humid in my house due to migraines. During the summer the air is set around 70F. I do not change it while we are at work for my cats. My heat during the winter is usually set at 68. I think when we had the record setting polar vortex last winter we had it...
  12. catlover73

    Pioneer Stainless Raindrop Vs Big Max

    I have never had a Big Max fountain. I have two Raindrop fountains. One is ceramic and one is stainless. Both are easy to clean. The ceramic one is definitely easier to clean than the stainless steal one. I had a plastic fountain before getting the rain drop fountains years ago. The ceramic one...
  13. catlover73

    Newly Adopted 8 Yr Old Cat Escapes

    I am so glad you got your cat back.
  14. catlover73

    Newly Adopted 8 Yr Old Cat Escapes

    I would contact the previous owners. They may still be in contact with people from the old neighborhood that know the cat and the cat is comfortable approaching. If this is the case perhaps one of the old neighbors has their own photos of this cat and would be willing to put up fliers for you...
  15. catlover73

    Are My Cats Fighting Or Playing?

    I think Diego may be trying to teach Niko boundaries then. I have been through this with my cats and it can be a very noisy process. When my senior Starbuck was adopted as a 6 week old baby kitten she had no concept of kitty manners. She used to try to communicate she wanted to play by walking...