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    Weight and muscle loss, can’t figure it out.

    No I have seen her. She’s walked over and peed on our carpet at the front door, and she pees in random spots but Kees going back to the same spots, even though I’ve cleaned like crazy. I’ve actually watched her be in the room with the litter box, paused for like 10 seconds and stare at the box...
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    Weight and muscle loss, can’t figure it out.

    we are currently in lockdown due to covid where I am and we can’t even go into the vets. They take our pets at the door and we wait outside. I didn’t get to see anything. He said we was running a whole senior blood work and urine tests. It’s hard to tell about her eating and drinking because...
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    Weight and muscle loss, can’t figure it out.

    I have a 14 year old torti girl. She has been having peeing issues, refusing to use the box and is now starting to pee in random spots around the house. She has lost a lot of weight and even muscle mass. The vet did blood work and urinalysis and came back with no diabetes, thyroid or kidney...
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    Cat licking until he bleeds

    My female had this problem about 4 years ago at the age of 10. She was grooming herself to the point of bleeding all on her tummy and legs and even the base of her tail. She was licking herself hairless. She also had blood in her urine. We took her to the vet and she ended up having crystals...