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    Howdy from Birdie Girl.

    I have 3 lovelies, will try to post pix later when I have more time. We live in Texas and are all indoors--even me when the heat is up above 100 and down below 50! I've worked in holistic health for years, have had cats for over 25, all but my first a rescue. 
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    Any tips for a kitten that bites me and everthing?

    Hi, I cringed when I read your post. This is literally a life endangering situation and you need to act immediately. Here's what happens..kitten does something, seems good, nothing bad happens, so it again. And again. And then he's a 12 lb. cat and no one can control him and he ends up in...
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    what breed is my cat(s) ?

    Apologize if this is duplicate--my computer is acting crazy and keeps erasing everything. Trying one last time.  This is a Maine Coon mixed with a Tuxedo (name for black and white DSH. ) Maine Coon features, big ears, large, 16-18 lbs. is average, big snowshoe feet, big fluffy tail, coat is a...
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    what breed is my cat(s) ?

    Black and white cats are called Tuxedos, but are basically Domestic Short Hairs.  However, I think this one is a Tuxedo-Maine Coon mix. Hair is about as long as my cats Maine Coon (called medium ) and looks like it's pretty large....15 lbs. or so? and the tail and those big paws are definitely...