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    My cat keeps biting my ankles

    A spray bottle is a very controversial idea here, but putting all that aside, just stopping the ankle nipping isn't necessarily enough because if the cat is hungry and nudgy it will likley be doing *something* problematic whether its non stop meowing, cord chewing or something else. Maybe you...
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    Cute kitten acting out

    I'm sure those articles will help . . . except that I strongly suspect that nothing in the world will prevent a kitten from thinking that being pet with a hand wearing a garbage bag is a new kind of play! You might have managed it if you had latex medical gloves, (well, probably not, but maybe)...
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    Having a hard time getting cats used to each other

    You can make a gate from home depot stuff. Pictures in here: How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide – TheCatSite Articles Work hard to prevent them from having a chance to fight, it tends to set everything back.
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    Having a hard time getting cats used to each other

    I wouldn't worry too much about feeding on opposite sides of the door. I know thats in the Jackson Galaxy guide, but I don't recall it even being in this site's introduction guide, and its not essential. Its true that if indoor/outdoor cats can avoid the vicinity of the new cat, it really...
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    New Cat Introduction Going Wrong. Any Way to Salvage It?

    It can be pretty tough introducing a playful young cat to an older cat, especially a senior cat. This is a pretty normal sort of difficulty unfortunately. @Furballsmom is entirely correct that these things usually do get better with time and provided some good links. However, if you were to...
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    Cat suddenly violent toward other cat

    Absolutely a good chance its medical, especially given the aggressor's history of seizures. However, pessimism would be premature since this can also be triggered by lots of things, including a stressor. Most often, seeing an outside cat through a window or glass door. Sometimes its something...
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    Sigmund has some Pee problems

    Assuming the problem with crystals is solved, he could have some memories of the pain, or it could just be that a new habit has been formed. So I'd recommend a "boot camp" approach. Make a comfy nest in a bathroom, food/water in one corner and litter in another. The idea is that being in real...
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    Another cat introduction thread!

    Its generally agreed by most frequent posters that genuine fights with rolling around (and it sounds like this is what you had) can be very destructive of progress. One other frequent poster likes to say "no blood no problem" which while an overstatement, does concur with the view of many that...
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    Another cat introduction thread!

    Well yes, I agree that one starts when one can supervise. Face to face is always more stressful than what comes before, so you can't know exactly how they will react. By micromanaging, I mean more like when a couple has one person holding each cat, or tries food or play to keep them separate...
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    Introducing cats for a temporary visit. Is it worth the trouble?

    I agree its best to keep them separated. As @Caspers Human said maybe they could get along pretty quick, but its only a week, so I don't see how its worth the hassle and risk. The only tricky thing with separeation is to prevent escapes. Cats, especially young ones, can be real escape...
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    Another cat introduction thread!

    I totally get the concept of short micromanaged interactions, but I have two main issues with it: (1) as a practical matter, its really easy to have an accident, and the next thing you know the cats are fighting. So if they aren't ready, its too risky imho, all progress can be lost in a blink...
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    Another cat introduction thread!

    This is all totally normal between an active youngster and a senior cat, with the exception that maybe Sebastian's play drive hasn't dimmed quite as much as we normally see. But certainly, this exact scenario is more common than not when a 1 yr old is introuced to a senior cat. This is just...
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    How much grooming is too much?

    Since there is absolutely no harm to the cat I've ever heard of, you can safely decide based on whatever factors make sense to you. For me, if my arm is really itchy afterwards, its too much! If I feel the need to wash my arm afterwards, its too much! My cats don't sleep with me, but if I was...
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    Realy need help!

    This is our guide. How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide – TheCatSite Articles However, lets ask a few questions to see whether you should really do this. First, the cat is very friendly. Not all house cats wear collars and you don't want to adopt someone else's...
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    Help me silence the nightly symphony of whines!

    You could check the antihistamine info online, dunno how likely that is. Totally understand on the food cost issue! You could look into a cheaper non-weight control moist food -- it has a lot less calories for its volume to begin with. Diet food tends to be necessary when a cat eats a lot of...