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    Cat hiding in weird spot, what do i do about it?

    Well, I'm sure this will be controversial, but as far as I'm concerned, there are times when it is appropriate to scare your cat. If they climb on the stove, for example. Now there might be a better solution, but a possible solution that I would consider is stomping really loudly right beside...
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    Agro cat hates my feet

    If he definitely isn't playing, I'd worry about a medical issue and suggest a vet visit. Two months is kind of a long time for a stress or loss of freedom induced change.
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    Cat likes to attack other cats

    It is hard to say. It is possible that Archie is so unbothered by the older cat that he is immediately interested in play. It isn't uncommon for young playful cats to ignore hissing in reluctant partners. It is also possible that Archie is one of those rare cats that is totally chill with...
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    Is my cat playing or being a bully?

    Its definitely play. The size difference is massive, and your 9 year old is not holding back as much as we'd like, so it doesn't look right. Its a pretty common scenario, especially when the resident cat is more like a year. Its ok if the kitten squeals and runs, as long as the kitten comes...
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    Thoughts on adding a 3rd cat?

    As @susanm9006 mentioned, age matters a lot! If you think you will want a third at some point, now is a good time! There is no hard cut off of course, but I usually tell people that a resident cat younger than two has an excellent chance of becoming friends with a kitten. As Susan also...
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    Transitioning an outdoor cat to an indoor cat

    The difficulty tends to be that you find the cat on your heels or close by watching as you approach the door. So you then have a choice: pick up the cat and put in another room, closing the door, or back the cat off by very mildly scaring it. I used to stomp my feet, which worked pretty well...
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    Kitten and Cat Introduction

    How old is she, how long has she been in the home, and how old are the two new kitties? I actually think that the introduction process is more about gradually getting used to the other animal and seeing nothing bad happens as you gradually get them smelling and seeing each other. Positive...
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    Rescuers remorse

    Three days is .... three days! I have a minor issue with @Jcatbird linking the introduction guide. Its a great guide, and he is a very experienced knowledgeable person that has helped a ton of people. The guide is absolutely vital when introducing older cats. However, CATS THIS YOUNG ALWAYS...
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    Foster kitty, how high can they jump?

    A lot of people double stack baby gates, which you might find easier. As for what age a cat could get over that and whether they could use their nails to help rather than just jumping . . . I wouldn't want to guess! Just don't get an Abyssinian!
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    Wants attention when I'm on phone

    Just a learned thing. When you are on the phone, you stay there for a while and have your hands free, at least sometimes, so its a good time for attention. Same with when Im at the computer desk. Never mind that at least half the time you may not want to be bothered when you are on the phone...
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    Are all hisses bad?

    Cats hiss to mean many different things. I had a cat that would hiss at the door if it was raining. Most hisses are some shade of negative though -- displeasure, warning, back off, something like that. Not necessarily anything remotely serious, but some variety of negative. So maybe "my...
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    Cat Bully?

    Eh, whether one uses the term dominance or not (I don't) the simple truth is that many kittens through at least one year olds can be real PITAs with their excessive enthusiasm for play and their complete disregard for the wishes of the other cat. It is just a real common thing, and its often a...
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    Cat Bully?

    Is there still hissing? I'm thinking Theo might be playing. That doesn't necessarily change much, since whatever it is, its badly stressing the other cat and not improving months in, but I think its helpful to be precise. (Reasoning: a puffy tail and arched back are not necessarily...
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    Cat Bully?

    I think what can mainly be gleaned from those articles would be, try backing up and doing a longer slower introduction process (with some step by step guidance). That would be a normal recommendation and is probably correct. However, Theo's behavior does sound a bit odd; I haven't seen things...
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    Transitioning an outdoor cat to an indoor cat

    I don't remember what is in those articles, I'm sure it is good stuff, but at the heart of it, the process is simple in outline, although some of it can be highly challenging: The process is: (1) keep the cat inside; (2) make sure cat doesn't sneak past you when the door opens; and (3) deal...