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  1. Feral Mom
    gorgeous photograph of a lovely cat.
  2. Feral Mom
    hahaha , i enjoy your notes, you should consider writing a book, as i bet a lot of us animal lovers would enjoy hearing of what it is like to live with a real live bobcat! For real, i hope you...
  3. basscat
    Errr...He has a roaming sense, not a stay home sense. I said it's because he's not domestic. But that's not it. Most domestic animals would roam or wander off if given the chance. And some...
  4. basscat
    He goes in a carrier to and from the house, and to the vet. Gets to single digits in the winter, triple in the summer. He likes the cold better. People that know nothing of bobcats are not afraid...
  5. Feral Mom
    Haha, at that last post !! Wow, THANK YOU for this info! I am quite amazed. Wow, that outdoor enclosure! :eek3: WOW!! Amazing, and looks wonderful! Do you just walk your bobcat out to the...

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