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  1. Feral Mom
    Ha, that is fascinating, thank you for info! Must be a lot of fun living with such an interesting cat!
  2. basscat
    He squeaks and whines like a puppy when he want's attention. He purrs when he's content (it can get really loud also..real loud). He "churdles" quite a bit when he's excited or happy. He barks...
  3. Feral Mom
    gorgeous photograph of a lovely cat.
  4. Feral Mom
    hahaha , i enjoy your notes, you should consider writing a book, as i bet a lot of us animal lovers would enjoy hearing of what it is like to live with a real live bobcat! For real, i hope you...
  5. basscat
    Errr...He has a roaming sense, not a stay home sense. I said it's because he's not domestic. But that's not it. Most domestic animals would roam or wander off if given the chance. And some...

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