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Cat Sleep - More Than Just A Catnap

Nov 4, 2011 · Updated Apr 19, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne

    Long hours of sleep

    Cats spend a great deal of their time sleeping. The average cat sleeps for 13-18 hours a day. The exact number can change according to the cat's age and personality. Cats that spend the day alone at home tend to sleep throughout the day.

    Newborn kittens spend most of their time sleeping. In fact, this is nature's way to make sure that the kittens do not wander out of the nest, or make noise that might attract predators while the mother cat is away. As the weeks pass, the kittens' sleeping hours gradually change to match those of the adults.

    When do cats sleep?

    Being nocturnal predators, cats tend to sleep during the day and keep awake during the night. However, you can influence your cat's sleeping times. If you provide plenty of stimuli during the day, in the form of cat toys or a companion cat, the cat is more likely to keep awake during the day and then spend the night sleeping. If you wish to reduce your cat's nightly activities, you might try to spend some time with her, playing some interactive games to tire her out before bedtime.

    The famous Catnap

    Unlike dogs or humans, cats can spend many hours sleeping relatively lightly. If you try to wake that sleeping cat, he can turn immediately from being deep asleep to fully awake in a matter of seconds. You can often see the cat sit with its eyes half closed, or even wide open, enjoying a short nap.

    Favorite Sleeping places

    Cats look for a sleeping place that feels safe and has the right temperature. During hot summer days, they will look for high shaded sleeping nooks. In the winter, most cats will look for a spot of warm sunshine or a nearby heater. The temperature also effects the cat's sleeping position. When cold, cats tend to curl and put their face between their paws to reduce body heat loss.

    You can make a nice soft bed especially for your cat, or buy one of the many plush cat beds available in the shops. Still, many felines prefer one specific bed in the house - ours! For the cat, our bed is soaked with comforting and secure scents and is often the ideal sleeping place. Sharing your bed with one or more cats can help strengthen the special human-feline bond, not to mention the cat's role as a furry, purring hot bottle…

    In fact in our very own first weekly poll, visitors were asked whether they share their beds with a cat. A staggering sixty percent said that they always do! A more recent poll brought the percentage up to 88%!

    Sharing a bed with Kitty can be a problem if the cat decides to wake you up at night. Make sure you help your cat adjust to your own sleep schedule by following the advice in this guide: How to stop my cat from waking me up at night.

    Good night everyone and sweet dreams!

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  1. maiaelizabeth
    Maia spends most of the day sleeping in a soft chair while Foley also sleeps most of the day with the exception that he comes and lays on my tummy when he's feeling lonely. After I pet him he goes back to his bed. That's when I'm home. When I go to work and come back and find them both in my bed being all cute. I love them so much and I don't like to bother them or Anything.
  2. blackcat416
    I never knew cats could sleep and long and as hard as my cats do.  They usually sleep through the night with us.  As a present a year and a half ago I got my own bedroom.  Jim said when I came to bed every night it was like the carnival came to town. First the TV went on, then the light on my side of the bed, then the parade of cats. At that time we only had 6 cats, we are now up to 7. Well really 6.6, 6 adults and 1 - 6 month old kitten.  So everyone had to come visit me before I settled in for the night, every night. Usually 3 or 4 would stay behind to also sleep the night away, in a nice, soft, king size bed.  The air was filled with the sound of purring, kneading and an occasional hiss, along with the crashing, screaming and light flickering from the TV.  So after 27 years, Jim booted us all out of the bedroom.  I couldn't possibly sleep without my cats, light and TV each night, so on the sofa I went with everyone in tow.  Eventually after a couple of months, we renovated the entire second floor of our home.  Jim stayed in the back master bedroom, the first master bedroom became the human living room, one of the other rooms became my new bedroom, the old computer room became a library and our living room on the first floor became the cats living room. Well every room on the first level, except for the kitchen and bathroom, became the cat's rooms.
    Once I got my own bedroom, with all my own new furniture, along with a brand new super high mattress and box spring and my own new flat screen TV and light, things became even more wonderful. I found that my cats also wanted a room for just us as well.  And this is when I found out exactly how long cats can really sleep and how deep of a sleep they can fall into.  First we had to get into the new super high bed, so a strong 2 step stool was set up on my side of the bed, strategically placed right in front of the night table, with my light, 1 inch from my mattress.  So now I was able to get into my bed, and one go round with each cat, teaching them the stool, night table, mattress route, everything fell into order.  So Momma Pooch sleeps next to my pillow on her blanket and snores like a moose when she is totally out.  Sally sleeps at the opposite side of the bed as my head, also a snorer, Ryan sleeps right next to me in the wedge of my body, Matthew sleeps against my legs, everybody comes visit before lights out, yes I now shut my light out because Ryan likes it better, but I still have my TV on, then we all drift away into a nice peaceful nights sleep until morning comes.  Now I am sure during the night they are probably getting up for a drink of water or a trip down to the basement to use their liter box, or maybe even a few kibbles, but when I get up to use the human facilities, no matter who I am disturbing, everybody stays put, I crawl back into bed, with two of them not even breaking the beat of their snoring and off to sleep I go again until that awful alarm.  There are actually...
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