Zyrtec for cat's allergies


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Nov 9, 2016
I wanted to post about my cat Holly. She turned 3 in October. She started with allergy symptoms at 6 months old. I took her to her vet every 5-7 weeks, depending on how she was feeling, for steroid shots. In August, I took her on 8/5/16. Got home from a vacation 19 days later and she looked awful. Scratched her fur out all over her face, ears and belly. She had stayed in our home with our adult son, not boarded. I was heartbroken. I finally told myself I would take her for one more shot to ease her symptoms and give us a few more weeks with her. Then I started googling allergy meds for cats. I started her on 1/2 of 10mg Zyrtec once a day. Never took her for any more shots. AMAZING RECOVERY IN JUST OVER 2 MONTHS!!!! Her fur is back, she's happy and playful! I am amazed and so thankful. I'm not sure how to post pix on here, if anyone can tell me I'd love to post pix 10 weeks apart!

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Jan 31, 2014
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Excellent that your 3 year old cat Holly is doing so well.

And that you found something that works to control her allergies.

Did your Vet recommend the Zyrtec?

Or did you recommend it to the vet?

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