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Your Cat's Favorite Wet Food?


Adopt don't shop.
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Jan 13, 2017
Where do you think?
My cat absolutely loves Taste of the Wild, specifically their salmon and venison flavors. She also absolutely loves Fancy Feast, although she refuses to eat the seafood flavors, and it probably isn't very healthy. :rolleyes:. I wish you luck on your quest for cat food :)
Mind if we trade cats? Indy is crazy about her fish. She loves any food with fish especially stinky fish like whitefish and tuna. She also likes beef and liver not as stinky but still that liver.

Indy's least favourite is chicken and poultry. I don't think it's stinky enough for her. She would rather eat a dead bug!

Kabby isn't picky thank goodness but has to be on medi cal urinary so for kidney stones.