You Get A Call From The Principal.....


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Aug 6, 2018
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Bynx was being his usual "class clown" self, making noises, playing with things and just took it too far...again.
Chester wasn't paying attention and talking in class...he has the attention span the size of a gnat.
Lily...well I don't think she would get in trouble honestly...don't get me wrong she has the capability to be feisty, but "the other guy" would be the one in trouble...she's just too cute and innocent looking!


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Sep 6, 2018
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NE Ohio
Simon: Ate a plant. Or beat up a dog. Or peed out the window at another animal that was passing by
Tara: Stalker
Astrid: She would not stop tapping people.
Estella: She is the leader of the mean girls and blocks certain other cats from going into certain rooms
Evangeline: She is sick. That is the only reason that sweetie would be in the office.
Willow: Knocked everything down and ran around squealing about it
Fennimore: He sat on someone who was where he wanted to sit and lacks general respect of personal space.
Freya: They are concerned about her antisocial behaviors.
Silas: He distracts the other cats too much with his silliness.
Cassian: Will not stop running around and jumping on bigger cats.
Xanthippe: She stole someone's lunch right out of their mouth.
Iroh: Hide inside during recess and ignores his teacher. He is not in the office because he ignored them, too.