Why is this cat so stinky!

Caspers Human

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Feb 23, 2016
Lime is not safe for cats and should not be used in their environment.
Uh... No... You don't put lime on your cat! That'd be stupider than stupid!
Anybody who has handled lime burns if you get it on you! It's even worse if you come into contact with water when it's on your skin. If you breathe it in the stuff burns your nasal passages from the inside out. Same goes if you get it in your eyes.

In the above case, a cupful is all that would be needed. Wear your gloves, your eye protection and your face mask like you're supposed to and you'll have no problem. Lightly water it in with a garden hose for good measure, to keep the dust down.

No! Lime is for outdoor use. I'd no sooner use lime, indoors, than I'd use gasoline to clean the kitchen sink. ;) ;) ;)