White Cats!


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Sep 19, 2006
Glendale, CATifornia
My aunt used to have a snow white cat with ocean blue eyes, his name was Ernie (like sessimie street).

You know how they say white cats with blue eyes are deaf? Not this boy. He could hear a pin drop on a construction site.

When he was 20 his hearing went but he was 24 when he passed away in his sleep.

Not him but a good look alike
He must have been a very special guy.
I don't have pix of him on my phone, but the one white cat in my life had a skin ailment; the meds our vet gave us failed to heal him and I was able to get him admitted to Best Friends in Utah, so we drove him over there. They were able to cure him! and after some months he was adopted by a wonderful woman who loved him dearly and gave him the best possible life in a place where the light was not so strong. *White cats, like low-pigmented beings of all species, are at increased risk of skin problems including cancer. It is recommended that they not be exposed to strong sunlight for any length of time. Here in So. Cali, the sun can be very strong. So he was in a much better environment where he went, in Canada.* He lived a long and happy life with her. :redheartpump: :kitty::redheartpump: