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Which Dry Is Better?chicken Soup Or Solid Gold

kitty kisser

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Feb 21, 2015
I have two female cats both around 16lbs one is fat and stocky Catness. While Rose is long and lanky I feed them 1 can of Friskies in the morning which the share. They mostly feed on dry threw out the day I was wondering which is better? Chicken Soup for The Soul adult Cat food or Solid Gold Winged Tiger they are both in my price range my cats occassionally throw up hairballs but other than that are healthy spaided cats.


Charlie's Purrson
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Feb 18, 2017
I'd say Solid Gold is healthier because it's grain-free. Cats are obligate carnivores, so they don't need grains.

For the hairballs, have you tried laxatone treats or egg yolk leichitin? These can both help.