Where To Find Lactated Ringer's For Ckd Cat

Discussion in 'Cat Health' started by yokitty, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Sep 25, 2017
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    Sep 25, 2017
    Hi yokitty.

    I would encourage you to use this website for all things related to chronic kidney disease for kitties: Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Cat

    I have just begun to do subQ fluids for my cat, Nathan. If you join Tanya's CKD group and pose your question, they will have lots of great suggestions of places with good prices. Also, many online cat product sites carry these. I have not purchased them yet, so cannot provide any specific places.

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    Sep 24, 2017
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    I have something that will help your kitty. I learned adding pink Himalayan sea salt to drinking water helps stop panic/anxiety attacks and has the exact 84 minerals our bodies need so that the cells utilize the water better. It worked for me so I started giving it to my cats. My cat Armand is dying from an enlarged heart and I had to give him subcutaneous fluid along with Lasix as fluid building up around heart is a delicate balancing act. This was once a week, then every 2 days because cats normally just do not drink a lot of water. Since adding that to his water, this bag of Ringer's has not been touched for over 4 months. It is a miracle because I know how horrid that big needle is, and sticking it into a 17 yr. old cat who is skin and bone is torture for us both. Do not use a different sea salt as they do not contain the same minerals. My 3 cats all cannot wait to drink this if their favorite bowl runs out and Armand doesn't go hollow eyed, climb into the closet and face the wall, or refuse to eat anymore. He was diagnosed Jan this year and was given 6 months. Just add 5 or 6 heaping Tablespoons to a gallon of purified or distilled water, shake it well, and when water turns light pink then pour just a small dollop into pet's water. Taste it and if it tastes too salty, you've added too much so dilute with more water. It is fine if it tastes a little salty but you don't want it so salty they won't drink it. Three things I've learned are get small granules or ground so you don't have to wait a day for the large granules to dissolve, do not do that oversaturate the water that you will find on the net because I guarantee you will always put way too much in, you cannot overdose them or yourself because this is all pure whereas table salt is poison. I have had high blood pressure for years and was usually on a diuretic but my ankles would still swell. No more since adding the pink Himalayan sea salt to my water. It will help your kitty's kidneys I promise because it has helped mine. I am no longer having to go to the bathroom all night long and for the first time in my life I can drink coffee every day. I am doing salt pushing to remove bromide and so on which is around 2 teaspoons a day so I can assure you everything they have been telling us is a lie unless it concerns table salt. I got smallest grain salt off Amazon because all I could find in grocery stores was small amounts in large crystals. Please don't hesitate to contact me, let me know how he does, and forgive me for any errors in posting as am new at this. Oh yes, you can also buy a large container at Costco but I believe it's large crystals but you could grind it yourself.
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    Hey, all. Sorry for the long delay. I finally managed to talk the pharmacist at CVS down to about $50 a case. Not ideal, but cheaper by far than the vet. So that's good.

    But on an even BETTER note, the vet retested him and his levels are almost completely normal! She was stunned, and said she had to doublecheck the numbers. I've lowered his sub-q fluids to every other day, and he's doing fine. He's my second miracle kidney boy!

    Thank you guys! :clap:
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