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What's For Dinner? - 2019


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Sep 11, 2019
Having a light dinner tonight. Braised red and Savoy cabbage with Chinese eggplant (it’s like a long skinny version of a normal eggplant with a more mild, buttery taste), and some 7-grain bread on the side.

Last night I steamed some Malabar spinach in white wine and added a Spanish onion and some enoki mushrooms! And then I sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top...oh my gosh, was that good.


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Aug 28, 2009
In the kitchen
I mentioned before that I get emails from Betty Crocker and from Pillsbury with recipes. And King Arthur. Every once in a while, I'll try one of them. Yesterday's experiment was a version of goulash with shell pasta. It was sauteed sausage with onion, chicken broth, a jarred pasta sauce, red pepper flakes, pasta shells, heavy cream, seasonings, and cheese.

I used a mix of bulk sausage and ground beef, the chopped onion, some peppers, celery, and garlic, beef broth, tomato sauce (I rarely have jarred pasta sauce on hand) and the pasta shells. You add enough liquid so that you can cook the shells in the sauce as the sauce thickens. I added basil, oregano, marjoram, and parsley, and some red pepper flakes. A wee bit of Worcestershire. And since I didn't have any heavy cream, I threw in fat free milk instead....didn't hurt it at all. Topped with some shredded cheese and then some freshly grated Parm. Not bad. And it was just one pot.

I never really follow a recipe, but it worked out. Rick liked it. We had it with a bit of salad and a couple slices of garlic-cheese toast. I had made a couple pitchers of iced mint tea with mint from the garden; the mint is pretty much done at this point.

And there's enough for leftovers for Tuesday night.


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Oct 16, 2015
Havelock, North Carolina
Danielle just called to tell me not to cook, she is bringing pork chops with mashed potatoes and creamed corn. And her gravy is to die for. AND she uses plenty of it, so I may go pop a frozen biscuit (YES...I cheat sometimes) in the oven to sop gravy with!

The twisted hot dogs were yummy. I ravened.


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Jan 9, 2018
Colorado USA
that will probably do it for the grill for this season.
Oh my gosh! o_O Granting that it was a busy summer around here, but even so, time is moving too fast!

Well, let's see, chicken breast cut up and sauteed with butter, mixed with stir fry veggies and seasoned with whatever sounds good that falls out of the cabinet ;), cottage cheese on the side and jello for dessert.

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