What to do if breeder is not giving TICA paperwork?


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Jan 21, 2021
Tell the breeder you want to participate in Shows. For this you need the paperwork... She doesnt want her cat to be shown in the household pet class, even if the cat wont win no big prizes in the purebred class of neuters.

Anyway, its a gentle and yet fairly effective way to promt things. She does understand the wanting to be in Shows.
Depends on the situation. Some cats are sold as not for shoe, either because of poor type (which could reflect poorly on the breeder), or because their personality doesn’t suit it.

@ JBMMBJ JBMMBJ I wouldn’t recommend taking any force majeure actions at this point, especially if the litter was registered as kittens. If the breeder of your cat is genuinely reputable and just has IRL things going on that unfortunately put paperwork off, you could stand to get yourself blacklisted by many breeders, potentially for life.


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Sep 14, 2021
Show neuters are sold as such, since not all kittens are suitable, there is little point lying about showing when you never had a contract or agreement to do so.

I don’t see how you can demand money either, what is your financial loss of not having the papers? Unless such an amount was written in the contract sending a threatening letter won’t go over well and as Maurey mentioned could cause issues later on.

hopefully you’ll be able to come to a peaceful resolution
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May 12, 2021
To my understanding, the pedigree will not tell you if your cats parents are on the active register. You need to see the parents registration papers. The breeder should be able to scan a copy of the mothers registration certificate and the fathers if she also owns the stud.

To be honest, if your boy was neutered in September and she has not yet registered the litter - I doubt she will or can.
Finally my breeder sent me the litter registration paperwork, apparently she really is having issues and doesn’t have time to get the pedigree herself as of right now. I told her that in order to make it easier for her, I will be getting the pedigree myself.

As I mentioned I have the litter registration paperwork, I’m wondering if anyone here knows how I’m supposed to go about this?Do I have to submit it on the TICA website? Or how does it work?

Thank you very much!