what to do after trapping a stray


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Jun 21, 2014
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Your male cat is fixed? It could be something about the hormones he senses with Riley and that will resolve itself once she is spayed....takes about 30 days for hormones to leave the system.

Will he eat on the other side of the screen for treats? If he associates Rylie with something special, it might change his thinking. Using the screen door is a great idea. How long have you been able to do this so far?

Ode to vanilla extract

This sometimes also works if you brush both cats with the same brush or rub the same piece of fabric on them. Scent swapping might also work.


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May 2, 2018
Thank you for all the support! Here is an update. We have found a vet for Rylie and he told me that she's actually younger than we thought. She is 10 months and will be spayed next week. He gave us lots of pamphlets about kittens so we will be reading up on that.

We found a screen door in our attic and we have using it to introduce our cats and accidentally introduced our dog. The dog introduction didn't go well but that was expected. What was unexpected was how my orange/cream cat is reacting to Rylie. His body posture is stiff and his eyes are dilated. He is laying down and is up close to the screen. Rylie is shy but playful and even laying down and blinking at him but won't get too close to the screen. She did hiss at him a few times as he would jump on the screen and he got scared and ran away. We tried to use food to motivate them but when food's around, Rylie is only into the food and my other cat is not food motivated at all. Any advice? Also, we finally found a neighbor who knows Rylie. She told me that Rylie and my orange/cream cat have the same mother and she is also raising 3 litter mates of my orange/cream cat.
Try doing scent exchange with the cats and the dog. Is your orange cream cat neutered? Try baby food and treats too.