What made you LOL today?


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Aug 6, 2018
Maybe it's something you did or said. Maybe it's something you saw or heard. Perhaps a post online...
I don't care what it is, a joke, a meme, or maybe you're a bit evil like me and you laughed when you saw someone walk into a door...I would love to hear what made you laugh today...

I'll start...
It could be because I'm really tired but dumb stuff is making me laugh. Someone wrote this online, and I'm still laughing...literally crying.

🎶I see trees of green,

Green trees there too,

I see the trees,

and they are green.

And I think to myself.....

I am lost in the woods.🎶


Another funny thing that happened today...

I was working on a client (physical therapy) and did a technique that was painful. She looked up at me with such a hateful and disgusted look on her face that I immediately burst out laughing. I apologized, but then she started laughing as well...and we just couldn't stop laughing.
FYI, we've known each other for a long time, she knows what she's "in for" with her therapy and I wasn't laughing at her pain, just the look she gave me.