What kind of Siamese lynx point is he?

Sultan skiddy

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Feb 15, 2020
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We cant figure out what kind of Siamese lynx point he is. His name is Sultan Skiddy. He is about 7 months old. He is mostly cream with light brown stripes on his legs. His nose is pink with black outine. His tail is grey with black stripes. The pads on his feet are mostly black with a few pink pads. He has light blue eyes.



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Mar 8, 2018
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I would describe your cat as a seal lynx point and white domestic shorthair. He's so cute!

I am guessing that his color is seal lynx point and white (rather than blue lynx point and white) from your detailed description. Seal lynx point cats have brownish to blackish stripes on a cream background, with black paw pads and a black tail tip. (He also has pink paw pads because of the white markings that he has on his paws.)

"Siamese" refers to the Siamese breed, not the pointed color pattern. The recessive colorpoint gene, responsible for the pointed pattern, originally came from the Siamese breed about 70 years ago; however at this time, the gene is widespread through the domestic cat gene pool, and doesn't indicate recent Siamese breed ancestry. Most cats are not any particular breed, so we call them domestic shorthairs or longhairs, based on coat length. Domestic shorthairs like your guy are great cats... enjoy him! :)