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Sep 18, 2021
I have a 8 month old cat named keanu and a 13 year old cat named Emily.

Keanu suddenly became constipated for over a week and I took him to the vet. The vet showed me an xray with a lot of feces present. She also was unable to check his rectum for parasites as his anus was really tight. We decided to push up his neutering so the vet could see what could be wrong with his back door while he was knocked out. She sent me home with lactulose.

I haven't seen this vet before as my old vet had relocated. He did poop every day until the neutering date. That day she was able to get inside him and suggested it could be his diet and to keep on laxative until his feces look like soft serve. She suggested hills science diet light wet food and nothing else. While I agree with the moisture, I'm concerned as to why not more fiber. I had called her yesterday and she suggested royal canin, purina, iams; all for weight management. Keanu is skinny, Emily is overweight; an issue I was working on until I acquired keanu. My old vet suggested hill metabolic diet for her but also said I can give her whatever cat food as long as she is eating the recommended portions for a cat weighing about five lbs less. My new vet was suggesting a food for them both to share, directed at Emily, and I feel not addressing keanu's constipation. I asked about authority cat food (only because I read that it was good) but she said she wouldn't get it to her cats. I told her I mix pumpkin in Emily's food she basically said she was trying to give me less work, and seemed annoyed that I wanted to do research about a healthy affordable cat food.

I read that it could be beneficial to vets to suggest hills, purina, royal canin, and iams.

Any suggestions on a healthy cat food? I'm not so concerned about a weight management food for Emily as I will be giving her appropriate protons and adding pumpkin. I'm more concerned to get keanu on the right track before something serious happens in his health and I'm not sure I trust this new vet.

Thank you


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May 31, 2018
If you don’t feel comfortable with this vet and Keanu is not moving his bowels then I would bring him to a different vet. Do you know anyone who have cats that could recommend a vet?
A few years ago I had a cat that wasn’t going to the bathroom and when I took her to the vet, they gave her an enema and it seemed like it got things going and the problem was resolved….but you shouldn’t try to give him an enema yourself, too dangerous…
I wish I could tell you a good wet food brand but I’ve been trying to find some myself without any luck. My cats eat Friskies and fancy feast mainly (wet food).
I mixed the wet Friskies with some dry food.
I’ve heard the RX brands of cat food isn’t that great…heard some bad things about Royal, Science and Hills.
i Think the vets get some type of discount when pushing the RX brands…
tried some for a kitten I had and he wouldn’t touch it…..

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Jun 27, 2021
Go with your gut (pun not intended). You are absolutely correct to not trust your new vet. The only reason any prescription diets exist is profit for the vets who prescribe them and their manufacturers. The treatment for constipation is what you are doing: feeding pumpkins and wet food only. In fact, you can make it easier for yourself by switching the cats to this if they like it:

Pumpkin is the third ingredient. The moisture guarantee is 78 percent. Purrfect for a constipated cat. It is for all life stages, so both cats can eat this stuff. Available in chicken, beef, and salmon flavors.
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