What is your favourite breed of cat?

The Goodbye Bird

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May 15, 2020
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I really love the wedgehead Siamese and Oriental Shorthair for their personality, vocality, and their lovely, lovely, absolutely zero maintenance coats.

My favourite breed of big cat is the Florida Panther. I knew someone who had a small roadside zoo in Florida and he had a couple cats that were more receptive to me than him, so I often gave them their vitamins and such. Every time you tranquilise it is a risk to the animal. You're not really supposed to just go in and interact but I've always been really comfortable around cats. (Horses, however, scare the $#@& out of me.) The Florida Panther has it all; it's a shame they're so endangered and bottlenecked. They're small enough not to be too daunting, a really nice colour (would like a domestic cat this colour), and they can still meow and purr. I guess a lilac or ticked tabby lilac would be close, but it's not really the same.

I catch a lot of flak or my taste in cat colours, especially why I prefer a mountain lion over a white tiger, or these golden tigers they have now that everyone's obsessed with (and my spouse calls the colour of cat I want that I think is new and is close to a sepia "just a brown cat"!) so I made this. This is the family of cat colours I like best.



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Feb 2, 2020
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I don't have a favorite, though if I absolutely HAD to pick I guess ragdoll would be a breed I say I find aesthetically pleasing to look at! I've never gotten a cat because of the breed though, always rescued or taken in strays we fell in love with lol