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What Is The Worst Job You Have Ever Had?

Discussion in 'The Cat Lounge' started by Reecejackox, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Reecejackox

    Reecejackox Thread Starter TCS Member Young Cat

    Mar 4, 2019
    the worst job i have ever had is one week work experience at the college i used to go , learned absolutely nothing during the week and wouldn't do another week of it.
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  2. blueyedgirl5946

    blueyedgirl5946 TCS Member Veteran

    Sep 10, 2005
    Working on the back of a dry cleaning truck parked on a military base during the summertime.
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  3. Boris Diamond

    Boris Diamond Cat Valet Top Cat

    Mar 27, 2015
    I have had three jobs that were bad. I needed money after a bit of school and took a job somewhere that the entire staff had quit en masse. That should have been a hint that the owners were abusive. I quit when they wanted me to manage for them. No.

    I took another job after some school at a pizza place. It was cleaned every night, but during work the floor got filthy. I saw them drop a pizza face down on the floor and then serve it. Another guy and I flipped a coin to see who would tell the lucky pizza customers. We both quit after they were told (and walked out.) There were many other problems at that place.

    I liked my co-workers at the fertilizer factory, but...it was a fertilizer factory. They did not give promised raises. After a month, they put me in charge of bulk sales. I was making twenty-five cents an hour over minimum in a position of responsibility. The state inspector had commended me on the job I was doing. I left after a few months.
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  4. MonaLyssa33

    MonaLyssa33 TCS Member Super Cat

    Mar 10, 2018
    Five years as a grocery store cashier. I only stayed because I couldn't get a job anywhere else and I had health insurance through them. I was in pain so often because of standing for so long every day, then I also gained a lot of weight (about 100 pounds, which I have thankfully lost and more). I was miserable there.
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  5. susanm9006

    susanm9006 Willow Top Cat

    Feb 20, 2011
    In college I had a regular part time job but took on extra jobs during breaks. The worst job I ever had was one of these temporary jobs in the university hospital’s medical record department. In the morning I would get a long list of chart numbers I had to pull and in the afternoon stacks of charts to return to their numeric spot. Not a single thing to interest you in chart numbers and by the end of the day I had walk many miles. I was so happy when my three weeks were over.
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  6. muffy

    muffy TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 9, 2014
    I have only had 2 jobs in my entire life. The first one for 11 years and the second job for 34 years. I hated the second job the worst. The women were just awful to work with. The only reason I stayed was because the benefits and pay was pretty good.
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  7. maggie101

    maggie101 3 cats Top Cat

    Apr 20, 2014
    Worst job is the one and only one I've ever had
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  8. NY cat man

    NY cat man TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 6, 2018
    The worst 'job' I ever had was my time in the service in the late 60s. I was a hospital corpsman, and seeing 18 and 19-year olds who would never see 20, or if they did, would never walk, or see, or carry terrible scars- both internal and external. Also there was the not knowing when- or if- it would be your turn for the dice to come up wrong. It beat the snot out of any job I've had since.
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  9. Winchester

    Winchester TCS Member Veteran

    Aug 28, 2009
    In the kitchen
    I worked in a paper plant. It was a 7-day swing-shift schedule with one weekend off a month. We worked most holidays (the only holidays we could have off were for Christmas Eve and Christmas, July 4, and Labor Day. It was male-oriented; most times I was the only woman on my crew. Most of the guys weren't bad at all, but the idiots were there. Our union president never came out from under the rock, a real neanderthal where women were concerned. He condoned the way some of the guys treated women. And the bosses were so afraid of them that they let it go, too. The boss on my crew didn't breathe without talking to the union president first. I spent 18 years in that place and, it got to where I would stand in the shower and cry because I didn't want to go to work.

    Fortunately, when I decided to go to college, the company had a program for employee-students. I am grateful to them for that. I paid for it all upfront and then they paid me back, according to my grades. An A or B, I got 100% back, for a C, I got 50% back. You can darn well bet that I got excellent grades; I had to in order to get all my tuition back, so that I could pay for the next semester.

    And that just pissed the guys off even more. Imagine that! A woman going to class! They wouldn't trade work hours with me so that I could go to classes. So then I went up to the front office to discuss it all with HR. We finally agreed that students could have the time off for class, without pay, of course. But we could leave work, go to class, and then come right back to work. Well! That infuriated the guys even more. How dare I leave work to take "basket-weaving"! (Last I knew, my Environmental curriculum didn't have basket-weaving, but whatever.) So then, I got harassed because I was able to leave work to go class. You know, they were allowed the same kind of policy, had they decided to go to school. But they didn't want it, so nobody should have it. Yeah, people actually told me that.

    When it came time for me to do my internship, at that point, the company was going to be purchased by another company. They had no problem allowing the two other students (both men, BTW) to take leaves of absence to do their internship, but when I had to do mine, they wouldn't let me. They said they couldn't afford to let the older employees take leaves because they needed their skilled workers. Fortunately, they were offering an early separation package to employees and I jumped on it. I quit. Took the early separation package, walked out, and never looked back. (I did talk to Rick about it first; he looked at me and said, "Screw 'em, screw all of 'em. You're done. You didn't do all that work, not to be able to graduate, Pam. We'll manage.")

    And that was that. I hated that place with a passion. To this day, sometimes I have nightmares about working there.

  10. micknsnicks2mom

    micknsnicks2mom TCS Member Top Cat

    Feb 15, 2014
    ...with the cats...
    a job doing accounts receivable. just a thankless, miserable job. most customers either avoiding taking your calls, or lying about why they (still) couldn't pay their (far in arrears) bills. i totally disliked that job, and had to make myself go in to work every day.
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  11. Mia6

    Mia6 Mother of two Top Cat

    Jan 22, 2017
    Ohio, USA
    I was a cocktail waitress and we had to wear at least 2 inch pumps, black mini-skirts, and low cut black leotards. I got tendonitis in my left hand and every morning (around 3:15 because of clean-up after closing) I would soak my feet and cry. Tips were good but so not worth it.

    I just remembered my 3 weeks working as a cashier at Winn-Dixie, no scanners then.
    This was worse than the cocktail waitress job; they kept it so cold in there I couldn't take it.
    I was then hired at the first place I applied when I moved to Ft. Lauderdale.
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  12. Maria Bayote

    Maria Bayote Mama of 4 Cats, 3 Dogs , 2 Budgies & 2 Humans Top Cat

    Jan 15, 2018
    The worst job? In a freight-forwarding company.
    I am still on it :(
    No choice. I have to feed an army. :(

  13. Jem

    Jem TCS Member Top Cat

    Aug 6, 2018
    I had 2 "worst jobs". The first was being a waitress at a sports bar. The people were good, my boss was nice, but I'm NO waitress! I've always been good at, or at least managed well, at any task at hand, but that was NOT my cup of tea! I only lasted three weeks. I got a new found respect for waiters/tresses after that ordeal!
    The second job was being the cart girl at a local golf course. (Drive around the course selling drinks to the golfers.) The job was great, but the manager was awful. That lasted only one summer.

    After getting my education and working in my chosen career, I only had one place that I worked that was not nice. When the money and image became more important than the health and safety of staff and quality of care for clients, I left. And when I say "image", the owner was more concerned with things looking pretty on the surface, but did not seem to care if we needed something practical that enabled better quality of care or if her useless "pretty" ideas made things difficult for the staff. There were other things as well, but all the examples I can share with you all point back to money and "fake" image.

    Thankfully I'm now in a wonderful workplace where everyone gets along and does their job, and well. We have an amazing reputation and try our best to uphold that reputation.
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  14. LTS3

    LTS3 TCS Member Staff Member Forum Helper

    Aug 29, 2014
    The last one :cringe: I was only in that position for 2 years but with the company for 13 years in another position. I changed positioned because I was deliberately mislead and lied to by then then-supervisor of the position.The position was nothing like all the great awesome stuff I was told :headshake: It was also a toxic work environment and got even worse when the supervisor was removed from the position (for running a facility in non-compliance.... for 15 years. I still want to know how she was able to get away with that despite routine inspections and no doubt countless meetings to discuss all the findings and why there are multiple repeat violations) and a new :censored: supervisor hired.

  15. di and bob

    di and bob TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 12, 2012
    Nebraska, USA
    I've had a lot of jobs, and really enjoyed every one of them, from waitress to registered nurse. There were PARTS of every job I've had that I hated, usually thimgs like inventory, bookwork or nasty bosses. I always kept busy, so that helped. I like retrirement the best!
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  16. mama africa

    mama africa TCS Member Top Cat

    May 9, 2016
    When I was a student I worked as a door-to-door survey field interviewer.
    Many of the potential respondents just slammed the door in my face even before I was able to explain why I wanted to interview them :(

  17. doomsdave

    doomsdave TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 2, 2016
    For two weeks I worked in a beef processing plant, i.e., a slaughterhouse, in Corpus Christi Texas.

    Very unpleasant. My task was to make the cattle ready for the next step in the disassembly line, i.e., shackle their rear legs so, when they were knocked out with this knock-out thingie, they could be hoisted up and dismembered cleanly. If you didn't do a good job, they'd crumple over and you played hell getting them prepped properly. Simple, but . . . .

    The cattle knew that something terrible was going to happen. No getting around that smell of blood. You could see it in their eyes, and sometimes they, er, voided in fear. The first lesson was go around the sides to place the shackles, not directly from the rear.

    (This was in the winter time, which would have been much much better than the summer.)

    BUT, heaven help me, I enjoy a good steak still. I know the work that goes into it for someone. And, poultry workers, and fish processors, and vegetable harvesters/processors, too.
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  18. Talien

    Talien TCS Member Super Cat

    Oct 10, 2018
    I've had some lousy jobs. I worked fast food as a closer but the store manager didn't want to hire any additional people for night shift because we made $.50 more per hour starting than day shift, so we had to do everything else too even though it was not in our job description and we didn't get paid extra for doing 2 jobs. Nobody on night shift ever got a raise because we started off making more than day shift, even though a few people on day shift ended up making more than us. I cleaned the shake machine and broiler nightly, and the fryer every week. Nasty shit, but that wasn't the worst.

    I worked at a marina for a while where the boss was a jerk. He'd yell and swear constantly and put us down infront of customers to look big and bad. He'd even occasionally threaten us even though we knew it was just for show and he wasn't actually going to do anything because we were not even 10 minutes away from the police station. It was a pretty lousy working environment, but that wasn't the worst either.

    I worked retail doing maintenance. I basically did a bit of everything aside from work a register but cleaning the bathrooms, specifically the women's bathroom was the worst of the worst. People talk about how men's rooms are dirty and smell but it's nothing compared to the things I had to deal with in that women's room. Tampons on the floor, bloody or soiled articles of clothing just left laying around in stalls or hidden behind the toilets, or worse yet clogging a toilet. Why would you try to flush a pair of underwear instead of taking 3 steps out of the stall and throwing it in the trash? Yeah, that was the worst.

  19. doomsdave

    doomsdave TCS Member Top Cat

    Dec 2, 2016

  20. engine4154

    engine4154 TCS Member Alpha Cat

    Jan 29, 2016
    SW Ohio
    After our jobs at the railroad went away with the closing of the mill I took about a year and a half off. Then I got a job as a crew hauler picking up train crews from one location and taking others back to where the first crew was. The hours were insane. 12 hour shifts but not in a row. Say if I picked up a crew in Cincinnati and drove them to Columbus, that was an hour and a half both ways, 3 hours, then I went home and waited for the next call. I wasn't paid while waiting and none of the home time counted towards the 12. So it could be 5 hours til the next call and it might add 2 more hours leaving 7 more til your shift was over. Basically, I was only paid when I was in the van and driving. It was impossible to know when to sleep.

    One night after a run to Ft.Wayne I came home exhausted and fell asleep. Several hours later I was awoken to a pounding on the door and found a sheriff telling me I wasn't in trouble but my company said I wasn't answering the phone and wanted their van back. I told him I was exhausted and they could come get it and keep their job.

    A few days later, my dispatcher called and asked if I'd like to give it another try. "HELL no!"

    I don't list that one on job resumes, but usually tell the story after awhile. lol

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