Visiting a holistic vet for a consultation?


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Jul 3, 2003
Hi Dr. Jean,

I have a ton of questions about integrating holsitic care into my pets' care (probably more than I can reasonably address here in the forum). I've just found out that there's a holistic vet in my city, and am considering visiting the clinic to discuss various health issues for multiple pets.

Do you have any specific advice for how much is reasonable to address in a consultation (1 pet at a time, 2 pets at a time, or all 3 cats who have issues)? Also, what information/records would a holistic vet who's never seen my pets before find useful? Only recent records, or the entire health history, or perhaps a thumb drive or CD with diet & health history?

Ideally, I'd like to stick with my regular vet for primary care since the holistic vet is a long drive from home. Do you have any suggestions for integrating holistic care into my pets' regular care without ruffling any feathers on either side?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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Apr 9, 2008
I guess it depends somewhat on the particular doctor's preference, so I'd give the office a call and ask about fees and what kind of records they want. Many homeopaths want to take their own history, focusing on different things than are probably in the record...but I'd recommend getting a copy of past records and make yourself a summary sheet so you can hit the high points without forgetting anything.

In most cases, they're only going to want to do one animal at a time. I'd rather spend 100% of my time and attention to just one per visit, because there's a certain amount of "percolating" that has to happen in my brain to understand what's going on in a case and come up with a plan. I don't multi-task very well, but another vet might be fine with it.

Cost will vary radically from one area or one vet to another. Here in Denver, the top homeopath charges around $200 for an intake--about an hour for the appointment, but several more hours outside of that researching and selecting the right remedy. People freak at the price tag, but given that most vets charge $40-$50 for a 15-minute office visit, it is actually a real bargain!

The holistic vet will understand (and probably be grateful) that you want to keep your primary vet for regular care and emergencies. To your regular vet, just color it as a second opinion on holistic options to complement their care...I'm sure you can be diplomatic!