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Sep 17, 2016
Good morning everyone,
My cat Cotton is now 17 months old, she's a mixed Persian.
She basically doesnt like canned chicken, used to eat it but won't anymore even when she is desparately hungry! I tried Sheba, Life and now Poesie. She used to eat Fancy Feast all flavors but recently she refuses it all except the Medley ones which are flavored, nice and more expensive.
As for home cooked chicken, she would eat boiled chicken when it's mixed with cooked liver.
I'm concerned because some say eating too much fish isnt good for her, especially that most come as tuna with something. And others say if she eats too much liver she will get vitamin A deficiency!
I recently got Poesie, beef and venison and duck, she ate them reluctantly.
She doesnt like dry food much either, eats it between meals or if I keep a meal out and she doesn't like it.

What shall I do?


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Sep 6, 2016
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I would start with a vet visit to make sure there isn't anything medically wrong.

If there is nothing medical then it just becomes a trick of figuring out what she will eat. Unfortunately that is a very specific thing to each cat so there isn't much to it but trying different things. If you find a few different that she likes then keeping a rotation may help prevent her from getting bored with one. Fish can be high in mercury which is why it should only be given once or twice a week; unless it is in small amounts.


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Aug 13, 2009
I've got a very finicky eater too. He will ONLY eat chicken, but one very specific brand...Nutro Natural Choice Chunky Chicken. That it, day in and day out. His brother wants a variety and if he doesn't get it, he won't eat. And he doesn't like the Nutro Chunky Chicken :argh:. So, as Keika said, it all a matter of finding out what they like and then giving it to them. They do rule the roost you know :lol:.

With my picky eater, I have also found that often he won't eat right away, so I just put his food down and then ignore him for awhile. Normally he will then come over and eat. If he doesn't within about 15 minutes, I'll pull it up and put in in the fridge (in a ziploc bag) for his next meal. Usually by the next meal he's hungry and sitting by his placemat when mealtime rolls around. Sometimes, though, he doesn't eat until the third meal rolls around, and by then he is definitely ready to eat. I don't leave it out too long though, because I want him to understand that he has scheduled meals and he needs to eat at mealtime. He may think he's the KING around here, by I'm still the Queen :wink:. Of course, if he goes too long without eating, like more than a day, then it's off to the Vet we go, because if that ever happened, I would be concerned something was wrong with him! (it has never happened!)

Remember, if you aren't aware, some cats like pate, some like chunks, some like slices, etc. And some like beef, some like rabbit, some lamb, etc. And some like it all! Also, have you ever tried using toppers? Some people swear by FortiFlora, which is a powder you can sprinkle on their food. My variety cat loves it, the other one hates it. But they both love Purebites, which is freeze dried 100% meat...chicken, turkey, beef, whatever. There are several similar brands and you simply take a piece and crumble it over their food. Or you can ever use parmesan cheese (in the green can). Or tuna water from a can of tuna (not too often though). Or crushed treats.