Vanilla extract question


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Feb 9, 2009
Toronto, Canada
I'm thinking of trying the vanilla extract with Obie and Girlie but I need some clarification... I've read on this site that I should apply a drop or two under the chin, and the base of the tail. Under the chin is easy to understand. What exactly does the base of the tail mean? Just above the anus, or on the back?

Here's why I'm thinking of trying this...

A few days ago we took Obie to the vet to get some dental work done. His teeth were in rough shape, which we knew a while ago but we had to deal with Oscar's problems before we could do anything about that (a story for another time. Long story short, we had to put Oscar down a few days before Xmas
)... The dentist ended up having to remove 10 of his teeth, including two extra teeth he had. Apparently he had a bunch of teeth missing already and he's now left with what looks like his four fangs, and one tooth on the upper jaw of both sides. Before that we had to leave him at the vet's for a day to get some ultrasound scans done for his heart murmur to make sure he would be okay to be put under for the dental work.

He seems to be in great shape now. He being super friendly with me but his back-to-back stays at the vet has given him a hospital smell with Girlie HATES. They used to be best buddies and now she hisses at Obie when he comes to say hello and play. We want to give both cats a bath but it's probably too soon to traumatize Obie that way. We've done enough to him this week already. We want to let him get over it a little before we dunk him in water.

Should I just man up and give them both a bath first to see if that helps the situation, or go straight to the vanilla? I tried the towel switching trick, and Girlie refuses to eat near Obie.


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Feb 19, 2001
A few things you need to know- this works but it takes time. You need to use the pure vanilla extract- the imitation type doesn't work. Here a bottle of pure vanilla extract sells for $22.00. You are only supposed to put a dab of this on the cat, you don't pour it on. Apply it to your finger and dab it onto the cat.

The base of the tail means above the anus where the tail meets the rump. Not under the tail, not on the tip of tail and not on the rectum. Cats socially network by smelling that spot.

You need to treat all cats- and because Obie smells like a "scary" vet clinic- when they are there, all those stress pheremones from the other cats there fall on their fur and change their signature scent- also when they are stressed or in pain their signature scent changes as well- so the vanilla neutralizes this scent over a period of time (usually three days)

Apply two to three times a day or more if necessary-

Good luck


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May 11, 2006
Base of the tail means on their back where the tail connects. I have only ever applied vanilla extract to the backs of my cats necks, for more than one reason: it has alcohol in it, and putting it on their chin can make it too strong for them to handle (their noses are SO sensitive!) and putting it on the base of the tail means they can reach to lick it off.

If you put it on the back of their necks, just where you might apply a flea med like advantage, they can't lick it off and there will be no fumes going right up their noses.

If I were in your shoes, I would go straight to the vanilla. I have used this trick for many successful, short integrations of new cats to my household, and it works like a charm in most cases!

Best of luck to you!